IIT JEE 2023 Preparation Strategy, Study Plan, Online Coaching

IIT JEE 2023 Preparation.

This is a preparation guide for IIT JEE 2023 aspirants. Here we will cover JEE preparation tips, strategy, study plan, timetable and best online coaching to crack JEE Main and Advanced 2023 examination.

IIT JEE 2023 Preparation [Table of contents]

Can I Still Crack JEE 2023 if I Start Now?

Yes, you can crack JEE 2023 if you start preparing right now. Study from NCERT textbooks and coaching modules. Avoid using multiple reference books and material at this point of time. See the pattern and questions level of JEE in previous years papers and make your strategy accordingly.

Online Crash Course for JEE Advanced 2023

During the last few months before the exam, it's best to join a crash course for JEE Advanced 2023 to learn important topics, problem solving tricks and doubts discussion with JEE faculty and experts. Best Online Crash Course for JEE Advanced

How to Clear Doubts for JEE Advanced 2023?

You can clear your doubts for JEE Advanced online from the top faculty and experts in Mystudycart online coaching platform.

How to Start Preparing for IIT JEE 2023?

  • Get the books and material required for JEE preparation.
  • Create a study schedule to complete the JEE syllabus (at-least important topics) in time.
  • Focus on understanding concepts and applying them on problems.
  • Work on your calculations in terms of accuracy and speed. Try to be accurate as well as fast. This needs practice.
  • Give mock tests, analyse your performance and learn from mistakes.
  • Keep revising what you are studying.

"SET THE BALL ROLLING. No matter how or when you start, what is important is that you start. If you start rolling the ball even 3 months prior to the JEE Main, then you would travel much more distance than the ones who are just sitting with the golden ball in their hands. In simple terms you can only get closer to your target if you start moving." - Archit Bajpai (MNNIT, Allahabad).

IIT JEE 2023 Preparation Strategy and Study Plan

  • Be consistent. Daily study is the most important skill you need to crack JEE.
  • Stay away from social networking sites and other distractions as much as you can.
  • Follow the JEE study material but don't undermine the NCERTs. They will cover the basics of all the subjects.
  • When studying a topic, read the theory part first and then practice problems. It’s the way to understand concepts in a better way.
  • Practice questions a lot. Never ever look at examples or read them. Solve every time. Though everything appears simple, never let the book solve a question for you.
  • Make problem solving a habit. If you’re stuck on a harder problem, start solving easier problems. When small problems get resolved, it gives you a feeling of being a winner and pushing you to do more!
  • Get all your doubts (small or silly) cleared from the teachers; do not keep them pending and piling up.
  • Focus on the chapters with high weightage, if you have less months remaining for the JEE exam.
  • Solve JEE previous years papers and online mock tests in a time bound manner.
  • Start the exam with your favorite section (most aspirants begin with Chemistry as it’s easy). Keep an eye on time management between the sections.

Timetable for JEE Advanced 2023

Refer to the best timetable for JEE preparation and make adjustments as per the time remaining for the JEE exam.

Subject-wise Study Tips for IIT JEE 2023


  • Understanding the concepts and solving problems is the key to score well in JEE Physics. Learn the basics of the subject rather than memorizing the formulas. Be perfect with the concepts. It is a blunder to be able to solve problems without being clear about concepts. Numerical problems and conceptual questions, both are important for JEE.
  • Process of solving MCQs in Physics – Always read the theory, then solve all the questions solved by your teacher in class, then solve MCQs from coaching modules, then solve any other book. Directly solving MCQs will not clear all your concepts.
  • Practice questions regularly (setting the time limit as an alarm). This will increase your speed of solving, analyzing power and make you fond of concepts and at some time the formulas as well.
  • Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) and units while solving Physics problems. Strictly avoid calculation mistakes.


  • Don’t start to memorize everything in Chemistry. Focus on understanding the fundamental concepts, then it will be easier to memorize other stuff.
  • Write all formulas and equations in your notes after completing a chapter.
  • Solve problems from NCERT, coaching material. While practicing questions, make sure you understand each step of the problem and why it is necessary.
  • In Organic Chemistry, study all reaction mechanisms and remember all named reactions. Make notes of each chapter.


  • Practice, practice, practice, is the only key for Mathematics.
  • The more you study and practice Math, the more it develops your brain and increases your problem solving ability.
  • Give special attention to calculations and time management.
  • The concepts and formulas should be at your fingertips. Know every shortcut and formula possible.

IIT JEE 2023 Syllabus [JEE Main + JEE Advanced Revised]

Topic-wise syllabus for JEE Main 2023: JEE Main Syllabus.

New revised syllabus for JEE Advanced 2023: JEE Advanced Revised Syllabus.

Best Books for IIT JEE 2023 Preparation

See the list of books recommended by IITians and teachers for JEE 2023 preparation : Books for JEE.

Along with the above reference books, clear basics from NCERT and your school textbooks of Physics, Chemistry and Math. The better alternative to books is to study from a dedicated JEE study material.

JEE 2023 Preparation - FAQs

How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2023 in the remaining months?

Revise all your studied topics thoroughly for JEE Advanced 2023. Give proper time to all the three parts (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics). Make a list of common mistakes you are making while solving JEE Advanced previous year questions. Just go through your mistakes again and again until you are sure you have fixed them and won’t repeat on the exam day.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2023 after board exams?

JEE Advanced 2023 preparation after board exams : Improve your weak concepts, accuracy and time management. Build your exam temperament by practicing JEE Advanced mock tests (6 hours - Paper 1 and 2). Solve JEE Advanced previous year papers.

Is NCERT enough for JEE Advanced 2023?

NCERT is good for JEE Advanced 2023 Chemistry. However, you need coaching modules and reference books to practice JEE Advanced level questions.

How to score good marks in JEE Advanced 2023?

Keep practicing, give tests to score good marks in JEE Advanced 2023. Your aim is not to score 100% in JEE Advanced. Your aim should be to attempt 70-80% questions with an error in max 5%. Know which questions to attempt. It can improve your marks easily in JEE Advanced. You must know whether you should attempt or leave the question within 10 seconds of reading it.

Is JEE Advanced 2023 syllabus changed?

Yes, there are some changes in the JEE Advanced 2023 syllabus. A few topics have been added to the JEE Advanced syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Math.

What is the exam pattern of JEE Advanced 2023?

The exam pattern of JEE Advanced 2023 is the same as the previous year. The JEE Advanced examination will have two papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) of three hour duration each. All questions in JEE Advanced are of objective type (multiple choice and numerical answer type) questions designed to test comprehension, reasoning and analytical ability of candidates.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2023 at home?

Students can prepare for JEE Advanced 2023 at home by taking classes from online coaching platforms like Mystudycart. Best Way to Prepare of JEE at Home

Should I take Coaching for IIT JEE 2023?

Yes, you should join coaching for JEE 2023. For school preparation, you may manage by yourself, but for JEE Main and Advanced, you need some kind of guidance and monitoring. Teachers in coaching will help you a lot in the preparation of IIT JEE. In coaching classes, you can ask your doubts, queries, study methods or anything that is getting you trouble.

Best Online Coaching for IIT JEE 2023

Mystudycart provides the best online coaching for JEE 2023 with an academic pool of top faculty and online tutors in India.

Best Online Crash Course for JEE Advanced 2023 : Course Details and Admission Process

Abrar Syed (student of Indian School Al Ghubra, Oman) enrolled with Mystudycart for JEE online course.In this video, Abrar talks about Mystudycart online classes, student understanding, the faculty, study material and online test series.

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