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NEET Long Term.

NEET is the common entrance exam for MBBS admission in all the medical colleges of India. Many students and parents are looking for NEET long term preparation. Here we will see everything about NEET long term, benefits, study tips, coaching centres, fees, best NEET long term online and frequently asked questions.

NEET Long Term [Table of contents]

NEET Long Term Meaning

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) long term means preparation of NEET exam for a longer period of time. NEET long term ranges from 1 year program in class 12 to 2 year program in class 11. Students can also start NEET long term from class 8, 9 and 10 through foundation courses.

NEET Long Term Benefits

Some of the benefits of NEET long term are :

  • Long term will give enough time to aspirants to complete all the topics and chapters in NEET syllabus.
  • Students can complete all assignments, DPPs and exercises with no pressure of finishing things in a hurry.
  • Long term preparation allows students to make efficient hand written notes and consistent revision along with the studies.
  • Students can give tests on a regular basis to check their learning, speed, accuracy and time management.
  • Opportunity to bounce back from low scores and bad performances in tests.
  • Good time in hand to take small breaks in studies to refresh the mind.

How to Prepare for Long Term NEET?

Study tips to prepare for NEET long term :

  • Preparing for long term NEET starts with making a realistic and flexible study schedule.
  • Try to follow the same routine every day.
  • Know the exam pattern and syllabus of NEET.
  • Get the books, study modules required for NEET preparation.
  • NEET long term coaching will provide study material.
  • Read theory properly of each chapter and understand all the concepts.
  • Practice MCQs after studying theory.
  • Attend all your classes and must give tests whether you are fully prepared or not.
  • Analyse your performance in tests and improve your weak areas.
  • Make short notes of each chapter for better revision.

NEET Long Term Coaching Centres

There are three types of coaching centres that provide long term for NEET - Integrated NEET programs, Dedicated coaching institutes and Online long term NEET coaching.

Integrated NEET programs generally work through partnership with school or college where NEET classes happen after the regular school/ college classes. Their disadvantage is that you have no say about which teachers you want to study from. The faculty in integrated courses can either be good, moderate or bad.

Dedicated coaching institutes (offline) have better faculty and course modules, but they have batch segregation where only the students in top batches get the best teachers and resources.

Online coaching is better customized as per the student requirement where he/ she has the option of choosing faculty and can learn at his/ her own pace. The batches will be small, allowing clearing doubts easily.

Best NEET Long Term Online Coaching in India

Mystudycart is one of the reputed online coaching for NEET long term. We have a pool of some of the best online tutors in India for NEET preparation. NEET 2 years and 1 year long term coaching starts from class 11 and 12 respectively. Students can join NEET foundation courses in class 8, 9 and 10.

NEET Long Term Coaching Fees

The NEET long term coaching fees at Mystudycart :

Grade Total Fee Scholarship
Class 8, 9, 10 84,000 (1 Year Fee) Yes
Class 11 1,84,000 (2 Years Fee) Yes
Class 12 98,000 (1 Year Fee) Yes
Class 12 Pass-Out/ Repeater/ Dropper 98,000 (1 Year Fee) Yes

NEET Long Term - FAQs

Is long term for NEET worth it?

NEET long term is very beneficial for students as it gives them sufficient time to study the NEET syllabus thoroughly. It puts you ahead of other students who start NEET preparation in the last few months before the NEET.

How much fees for NEET long term coaching?

The average fee for NEET long term coaching is around 1,20,000 for one year. Students can also get scholarships on the basis of tests or grades.

Which college is best for NEET long term?

It is recommended to join a separate dedicated coaching for NEET long term. College based NEET long term puts stress and pressure over a student's mind. Online NEET long term is more student friendly and personalized.

What is the meaning of integrated course? Does it mean that a 2 year course of NEET is completed in one year?

Integrated course means the coaching provided by a school, conducting additional NEET classes after school hours. Integrated course doesn’t mean a 2 year course completed in 1 year. Some coaching providers call combined NEET and Boards preparation as an integrated course.

NEET Long Term Review

Given below are some of the reviews of students and parents about Mystudycart NEET long term coaching classes.

"I was working hard to identify an adequate course for my daughter to prepare for the medical entrance. I am happy to say that Mystudycart team is very supportive in arranging the classes to our needs. The online classes delivered by them are very clear and helpful and it meets the expectations of the student. The faculty’s effort and teaching style is very helpful for my daughter. Thank you Mystudycart team. I will recommend my friends also." - Ambika Rajan (Mother of Dhakshika Thalaimalairajan from Dubai, UAE).

"Thank you for clearing all my doubts, for interacting, for being helpful, for being supportive, for giving a positive attitude, for providing advice, for providing strategy to prepare for NEET, for telling my weak and strong points, for helping me to be interactive with the teachers. Thank you for helping me to prepare for NEET." - Anitha Anil Kumar from UAE.

"My daughter was a state board student till 12th class and facing problems with NEET Preparations, but Mystudycart helped her with online coaching classes for NEET. Whatever she has performed in the exam was because of their efforts and they tried their level best to help us during the NEET preparations." - Mother of Apparanjitha V Ramana from Chennai, India.

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