Mystudycart Academic Team

Our academic team is a pool of experienced teachers and some of the brightest minds coming out of IITs and other prestigious institutes.

Dr. Sumit Majumdar Mystudycart

Dr. Sumit Majumdar

PhD, IIT Delhi
2003 Pass Out

Siddharth Thandra Mystudycart

Mr. Siddharth Thandra

B Tech, IIT Kharagpur
2010 Pass Out

Farheen Khan Mystudycart

Dr. Farheen Khan

M.Sc - Marine Biotechnology
Goa University (2011)

Vinod Chacko Mystudycart

Mr. Vinod Chacko

M.Tech, IIT Delhi
M.Sc, IIT Roorkee

Shruti Aggarwal Mystudycart

Mrs. Shruti Aggarwal

M.Sc - Chemistry
Delhi University (2007)

Aman Saurav Mystudycart

Mr. Aman Saurav

B.Tech, IIT Delhi
2015 Pass Out

Mr. Veerashekhar Goud. E Mystudycart

Mr. Veerashekhar Goud. E

PhD (2016)
VIT University

Ruchi Goil Mystudycart

Mrs. Ruchi Goil

M.Sc Genetics
UTD, Barkatullah University

Mr. Aatish Kumar Bajaj Mystudycart

Mr. Aatish Kumar Bajaj

B.Tech (2012)
IIT Roorkee

Bela Arora Mystudycart

Miss. Bela Arora

M.Sc (2012)
MK University, Tamilnadu

Mr. Satpal Singh Mystudycart

Mr. Satpal Singh

B.Tech (2015)
IIT Delhi

Dr. Tapas Kumar Das Mystudycart

Dr. Tapas Kumar Das

B.Sc, BDS, M.Sc
Utkal University

Gona Venugopal Mystudycart

Mr. Gona Venugopal

M.Sc - Physics
Osmania University (1997)

Ms. Rahema Javeed Mystudycart

Ms. Rahema Javeed

M.Sc (2013)
Jamia Millia Islamia University

Mr. Vikash Kumar Mystudycart

Mr. Vikash Kumar

B.Tech (2015)
IIT Delhi

Mrs. Kalaivani Mystudycart

Mrs. Kalaivani

B.Sc Mathematics + MCA
Madras University

Dixit Jain Mystudycart

Mr. Dixit Jain

B.Tech (2016)

Mrs. Saroj kedia Mystudycart

Mrs. Saroj kedia

B. Ed (1996)
Annamalai university

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