For Schools and Teachers in India : 5 Steps to Conduct Online Classes with Ease and Efficiency

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, schools in India are forced to conduct online classes without any preparation and technical knowledge. This resulted in many teachers struggling and developing a dislike for online classes. Does this mean online classes are not good? No, we have been successfully conducting online classes for IIT-JEE/ NEET preparation for… Read More »

How to Prepare for NEET 2020 Physics in Last 1-2 Months?

Physics preparation for NEET 2020 in last 1-2 months always depends on how much you are scoring in your mock tests. Physics needs conceptual strength rather than simply mugging up strategy. Examiners usually twist a simple question and try to confuse you, so try not to learn any question, it’s better you clarify each step… Read More »

How Should I Strengthen My Weak Topics for the NEET?

While preparing for NEET, students find some topics difficult to understand which they considered as their weak areas. To improve your weak topics in NEET, you need to read complete theory, understand concepts with real world examples, revise, and keep practicing questions from these topics. How Should I Strengthen My Weak Topics for the NEET?… Read More »