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How to Study Biology and Physics for NEET

How to Study Biology for NEET Try reading in between the lines i.e. try to understand meaning of each and every line. Each time you go through your chapter say photosynthesis, you’ll definitely find something new. In order to concentrate, make sure you are free of vague thoughts in your subconscious that distract you. Try… Read More »

How to Study for NEET When 8 Months Remaining?

Question asked : How should I study for the NEET 2018, as there are only eight months remaining? The things you can focus in coming months to clear NEET 2018 : Read the text book for all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and be thorough with them. All the theory questions are going… Read More »

How to Become Stronger at Biology for NEET?

The only way to become stronger at biology is to make your concepts crystal clear. DO NOT leave any topic, any line, any word of NCERT unturned. You have to learn biology NCERT by heart and revise it at-least 10 times in a year and 3–4 times when only 2 months are left. How to… Read More »