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A Simple Mind Exercise to Stay Focused in NEET Preparation

Serotonin is a chemical nerve our cells produce, that helps to reduce depression, anxiety, and have effect on our focus on what we want to do. When you lose focus in NEET preparation, there’s a big chance that your serotonin activity is low. That’s why you are giving into short-term pleasures and distractions. You are… Read More »

What are the Things to Avoid in NEET/AIIMS Preparation?

There are many study tips for NEET/AIIMS preparation like best practices, methods and preparation strategy. Along with useful tips you also need to keep in mind some of the things to avoid in the preparation. Things to Avoid in NEET/AIIMS Preparation : Inconsistency/Procrastination Multitasking Excessive TV/Social media Quantity over Quality Not allowing flexibility in studies Becoming… Read More »

What is the Most Important Thing to Crack the NEET Exam?

You want to become a Doctor in future, right? Remember then, doctors are passionate and dedicated to their profession. During each operation they are always determined to save the patient, howsoever critical the case might be. They have perseverance, going through 50 cases each day, meeting different people with different problems and each with different… Read More »