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NEET Exam Tips and Advice

NEET exam tips advice

If you are a NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER aspirant, this page is a list of valuable examination tips and advice from medical students who cleared NEET / AIIMS / JIPMER in the past. Along with it, you will also get useful tips from NEET subject experts.

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How to Fill the OMR Sheet in the NEET-UG Examination?

A question that is often asked from past NEET-UG aspirants is – “How did you fill the OMR sheet in the NEET? Is it after solving each section, solving the PCB fully, or after solving each and every question?” Filling the OMR sheet after solving entire paper or after each question? No it’s never after… Read More »

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEET Preparation

Well looking back now, I strongly feel making mistakes was worth it because “every mistake possesses a potential for growth” indeed. If you do everything right, you never learn! Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEET Preparation Some obvious mistakes that I wish I had avoided in my NEET preparation include. 1. Not clearing my doubt’s… Read More »