Can an Average Student Crack NEET Exam? Preparation Tips

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Average student crack NEET.

Yes, an average student can not only crack NEET exam but clear it with top rank if he/ she gets proper guidance, work hard with consistency and follow smart strategy and plan.

Before starting the NEET preparation, or during the preparation, many aspirants feel that they are average students lagging behind others and start doubting their capabilities to crack the NEET exam. This self-doubt comes in because of not understanding concepts properly, not able to solve tough problems, bad performance in tests, etc.

Tips for an Average Student to Crack NEET

Here are the preparation tips for an average student to crack NEET.

  1. You should never consider yourself average as it will only lower down the will to achieve the goal.
  2. Make a time table. Set targets. Achieve them. Learn from mistakes. This is the best strategy.
  3. Strengthen your concepts to gain confidence. Start by solving problems that are not very deep. Focus on speed and accuracy.
  4. Do a lot of practice. Make problem solving a habit. With time you’ll be able to find the solution quicker, in less steps.
  5. Have a right mindset. Believe in yourself. Your competition is not with other aspirants. Work on improving your skills.
  6. Be smart in your preparation. Learn time management skills. Solve online mock tests. Make a notebook of mistakes and revise from it before each test.
  7. Have good and empathetic teachers who appreciate the effort and perseverance, not just results in tests.
  8. Make class notes and review them each day after the class. If you have any questions or doubts, ask your teacher in the next class.
  9. Do all the homework and assignments on time. Ask for help if you need it.
  10. Don’t cram stuff which needs to be understood, especially Physics concepts.

Be a well prepared student instead of an average or intelligent

Being intelligent is one thing and knowing what you need to achieve something is different. The difference is how you do it. Well prepared students know what strategy to follow in solving problems, which shortcut methods to implement, how much time they need to allocate to each section and questions. This comes with lots of practice.

Ending this post with some inspiring words for NEET aspirants who consider themselves average.

“There are talented students and then there are the laborious ones. One does not have control over one’s innate talent, but one does have absolute control over one’s hard work. Even if you feel you’re not talented enough, no problem. Sheer practice and determination can take you a long way in acquiring that talent and beating those aspirants who are talented but don’t do their share of hard work.” – Sittun Swayam (IIT-Kharagpur).

Note this down : You can do it. You can crack NEET.

“Competitive exam is not about brains and IQ but more about your hard work and dedication.” – Shweta Dube (NEET-UG 2018 AIR 289, JIPMER AIR 63).

Each day you should wake up and strive to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

All the best.


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