What Mistakes Should One Avoid During IIT JEE Preparation?

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Mistakes to avoid in JEE preparation

Mistakes are a part of life, but they also teach you what not to do in future. There are many common mistakes students make in JEE preparation which they regret later. In this post I am sharing the mistakes I made in my JEE preparation and how JEE aspirants can learn from these mistakes.

This is a guest post by Sai Chand Desireddy (IIT Madras).

What Mistakes Should One Avoid During IIT JEE Preparation?

Here are some mistakes to avoid during JEE preparation :

1. Using too many reference books for JEE

Just use a single standard book as your reference. Using too many books in JEE preparation often leads to confusion. Stick to one book for each subject that will serve your entire purpose.

2. Getting demoralized easily

When you attempt a difficult test and you check your score it would obviously be less than your other tests. During these times you need to realize that what matters is the rank in your class.

3. Getting out of track due to continuous hours of study

Yes, everyone gets frustrated due to the intense JEE study routine. At these moments of depression, keep away from your books and refresh yourself by playing with your friends or do something you like to do.

4. Allotting last 3-4 months for Inorganic Chemistry

This is one of the most committed and dangerous mistakes for JEE. Apart from the memorizing part, Inorganic Chemistry has some beautiful concepts like Coordination Compounds and Chemical Bonding. Last 3-4 months is the time when you revise things. If this time is dedicated to Inorganic, you lack time for revision. Lack of revision costs you very much.

5. Deviating from the JEE syllabus

This is a common mistake in JEE preparation. There are many books in the market which deviate you from the mainstream study and some useless topics are taught in it. Keep the JEE syllabus beside you and only go through the topics and sub topics mentioned in it.

6. Spending more time on easier topics

Balance the amount of time you invest on each topic. Do workout on all the topics in the syllabus. Leave no stone unturned.

7. Skipping long questions in JEE

Many students get frightened on seeing the long questions in the JEE exam. They might seem long but may take only a few seconds to tackle. Leaving these questions which are actually easy costs you a lot.

8. Not preparing an exam strategy

Do prepare yourself a strategy to attempt the JEE exam. You can do this in your second year after you have attempted an ample number of tests and stick to it while attempting. Remember one thing, the strategy of one person may not work for the other person.

9. Discussing the weekly test paper performance with peers

Discussion after the test sometimes can dent your confidence. But do come to know the solutions for all the questions after the test from your peers or teachers.

10. Overlooking class 11 JEE syllabus

Have a proper revision plan to revise class 11 JEE chapters in your second year. There are many important topics in class 11 for JEE, don’t ever dare to neglect them.

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