How to Crack JEE Main 2019 January Exam in 1 Month? Preparation Strategy and Study Plan

By | Last updated on December 6th, 2018

JEE Main January exam strategy

One of the good thing for JEE aspirants is that, from 2019, you will have two chances to clear JEE Main exam. The first one is in January and second one is in April. You can give both the exams and your best score will be considered for rankings and admission.

Now your first intuition would be to clear JEE Main in January and then prepare for JEE Advanced which will be conducted in June 2019. To give a best shot in JEE Main 2019 January exam, you have to finish the syllabus (including Revision) till December this year.

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Preparation Strategy and Study Plan for JEE Main 2019 January Exam

Here are the key points that will help you to clear JEE Main 2019 (January) computer-based exam in one month.

  1. Since the JEE Main will be conducted in online (computer-based) mode, the key change you need to make is to practice online mock tests on a computer or laptop. It’s recommended to join an online test series.
  2. Make a list of topics and chapters remaining (class 12 and 11) and create a schedule to complete the syllabus. Adjust your study hours and follow the schedule sincerely.
  3. Make sure your goals are clear. For example, saying you want to study more from now on is unclear. Write it down as, “I will study for daily 7 hours instead of 5 hours.”
  4. Master concepts/topics one by one. Take up one topic at a time and focus on accomplishing the goals related to the topic; once that is over, move to the next topic in the syllabus.
  5. Improve your speed, accuracy and time management skills. This is possible with lots of questions solving and practice.
  6. After giving an online test, you have to identify your mistakes. If you got a question wrong, understand why you got it wrong. Find out what you’re good at and not so good at. Work on your weakness.
  7. Ask JEE experts and teachers if your methods are correct and you’re learning the right way. Clear all your doubts and queries.
  8. Don’t panic about less time remaining for preparation. The JEE Main syllabus and questions pattern will not change. You just need to focus on more study hours and practice to crack the JEE Main exam in one month.

Note : Keep your calm. If you do things in hurry, just to target JEE Main 2019 January exam, you may miss out some important concept or topic.

You can take January exam as a rehearsal, like a practice test. Whatever you score in the exam, there will be an option to increase your marks (unless you score full marks, 360 out of 360!). You can improve your concepts and practice more questions, online tests, and again attempt JEE Main in April 2019.

All the best.

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