How to Avoid/ Reduce Silly Mistakes in JEE Main? 10 Best Ways

By | Posted on October 22nd, 2021

Avoid silly mistakes in JEE.

Mistakes which happen unknowingly either in over-excitement or under pressure are called silly mistakes. In the JEE exam, silly mistakes can happen when we lose focus while solving questions.

Silly mistakes can also happen when we become over-confident and don’t read the question properly. If we panic during the exam, we tend to make silly mistakes.

10 Ways to Avoid/ Reduce Silly Mistakes in JEE Main

Best ways to avoid silly mistakes in JEE Main :

1. Build an exam temperament.

Build an exam temperament where you don’t lose focus and concentration during the 3 hour paper by solving lots of JEE online mock tests and previous year papers in time bound format.

2. Read the question very-2 carefully.

Read the question twice. Understand what the question is asking and then answer or start solving. Never see figures and diagrams before reading questions even if they seem familiar. Majority of silly mistakes in JEE paper happen due to not reading the question carefully.

3. Avoid conceptual mistakes/ preconceived notion.

After seeing a question, don’t have a preconceived notion that you have solved this type of question and you know the answer already. Read the question and options carefully and then answer. Examiners might have changed something in the question which you miss out if you don’t read carefully.

4. Write down values and units carefully.

When you are solving a question, write down values and units carefully. There are often questions in the paper where one of the answer options is the one we get by solving the question with the common wrong value or unit.

5. Do not make petty calculation mistakes.

Do not make silly calculation mistakes when solving the question. It not only gives you the wrong answer but also wastes your time pursuing that answer. Always cross check your calculations.

6. Be careful about option number and answer.

If your answer is single digit 1, 2, 3 or 4, then mark the right option which has the answer, don’t select the option number as the answer!

7. Analyse your tests for mistakes.

Always analyse your mock test to see the mistakes you made, write them down and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes in the next test. The greatest fool is not the one who makes mistakes but the one who does not learn from them.

8. Keep in mind the online test instructions.

During the paper, when answering “Marked for Review” questions, don’t forget to click “Save and Next” if you change your answer.

9. Silly mistakes can happen in any question.

Practice all types of questions – easy, moderate or difficult. Even easy questions result in silly mistakes.

10. Practice yoga and meditation to improve your focus and concentration.

If you have difficulty in maintaining focus during the 3 hour test, then try doing yoga and meditation to improve your focus and concentration. It works for many people.

By following and practicing the above points will definitely help you in reducing silly mistakes in the JEE Main exam.

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