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Rajesh Saharan has been working for more than 8 years in the E-learning industry on various profiles. With an ability to go in-depth into a topic, he likes to help students in solving their problems.

Important Chapters and Topics for KVPY SX 2020-21 – Physics, Chemistry, Biology

“What are some important chapters for KVPY SX Physics, Chemistry, Biology?” – A question asked by a NEET aspirant targeting KVPY exam in class 12. KVPY examination tests your understanding of concepts, application and logic. KVPY SX stream syllabus includes concepts of Physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology till Class 12. In this post, we will… Read More »

How to Strengthen Basics for the NEET exam? 10 Best Ways

Cracking NEET exam is impossible without knowing the basics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You should first clear the basic concepts, then go higher to advanced. This post will make sure you learn the right ways to strengthen basics for the NEET exam. How to Strengthen Basics for the NEET exam? Best ways to strengthen… Read More »

How to Focus on NEET Preparation During COVID-19 Lockdown?

Many students preparing for NEET are not able to focus on their studies because of COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown. Whether it’s the waiting period for the exam or long term staying at home, it’s getting hard for students to prepare for NEET with complete focus and concentration. How to Focus on NEET Preparation During COVID-19… Read More »