How to Score 650 Above in the NEET 2020, Starting From Zero?

By | Last updated on August 14th, 2019

Tips to score 650+ in NEET.

So someone is aiming for 650+ in NEET out there; that’s good. Though I did not score 650+ in NEET but I can suggest you some points.

How to Score 650 Above in the NEET 2020?

Some of the most important things required to score 650+ in NEET are –

  1. Dedication – You must be really dedicated towards your goal and set your priorities accordingly. You should not compromise your study time with entertainment like watching TV, Social networking etc. They are to be utilised (If someone uses) in free time when you are done with the topics, which you planned for that day.
  2. Hard work – I think this doesn’t need an explanation. As it is obvious that you need to work hard for achieving those marks. But, along with that SMART WORK is also necessary. Maintain good colourful notes, make diagrams, flow-charts which assist you in picturising the pages and ultimately leading to your memory. Try figuring out, in what way you understand and memorize the topics well, either reading your notes or practicing more questions.
  3. You have to study EACH AND EVERY TOPIC of every subject, as questions can be asked from anything that is in the NEET syllabus (Most important-NCERT especially for Biology and Chemistry) (sometimes from outside as well). Don’t neglect any chapter for the sake that you HATE IT and not able to do its questions or you have difficulty in learning that. That is the area which will create problem in final exams as it will remain your weakness till the D-Day if you will keep on neglecting it. So try to make a grip over those topics by practicing more questions from it.
  4. Practice – You have to Practice.. Practice.. Practice… and Practice. This is one of the most important thing which plays a great role in the one’s preparation for any entrance exam. It will help you improving your concept application power and will also gradually develop confidence in you that, “Yes! I can do any question from this topic now, whether it is easy or difficult.”
  5. I would recommend you to join a coaching institute if you haven’t joined yet. Being in a coaching institute gives you a great exposure to N number of good questions and the tests conducted there, based on the NEET pattern, will help you in lowering the anxiety level which raises in many students while giving the actual exam.
  6. Your concepts must be strong and crystal-clear that you get that confident, that there can be no question in the final exam that bounces over your head and you are not capable to tackle it.
  7. You should know each and everything given in Biology NCERT i.e EVERY LINE. Consider that as your Holy book.
  8. The most important thing, be REGULAR at your studies. This will be accomplished when you practice questions on daily basis and REVISE the topics frequently from your sources (books or notes).
  9. At last, have FAITH in yourself, don’t get demotivated in any situation & always be confident.

All the best future NEET aspirants. I wish you get successful in reaching your goal.

I hope this answer helps you, even in the tiniest possible way.


Abhishek Garg
AIR 8 in JIPMER 2018, AIR 760 NEET, AIR 212 in AIIMS 2018

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