8 Tips to Score 700+ in NEET 2025 in Remaining Months

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Score 700+ in NEET

Scoring 700+ in the NEET exam isn’t just about a lot of study hours, it’s also about studying smart. To get a high score in NEET means understanding what’s important, how to study, managing your time wisely, and practicing in the right way. With the right approach and hard work, you can reach 700+ marks in NEET.

8 Tips to Score 700+ in NEET 2025

Follow the below tips to score 700+ in NEET in the remaining months.

1. Think and study like NEET Toppers.

If you get 700+ in NEET, you will be among the toppers of NEET. So think and study like NEET toppers. Be consistent, understand concepts properly, know when to memorize stuff, and don’t panic before the exam. Stay motivated by imagining your name everywhere – on tv, internet, newspapers.

2. Make sure you finish the NEET syllabus, every chapter, every topic.

Complete all the topics from all the chapters in the NEET syllabus. Don’t leave out any topic that you think is less important and there is no question asked in the previous year papers from that topic. Examiners can surprise everyone in the exam!

3. Read NCERT properly and practice NEET level questions.

No doubt that NCERT is a must read for scoring 700+ in NEET. Memorize all the diagrams, tables, examples from NCERT. Along with NCERT, you should practice MCQs from coaching modules which consist of the type of questions asked in the NEET exam.

4. Make short notes for last minute revision.

Although you must be revising the topics along with regular studies, short notes help you to revise a lot of stuff in less time, especially a few days before the NEET exam. You can include key points, tricks, formulas, diagrams, etc. in NEET short notes.

5. Give mock tests, analyze mistakes, improve performance.

Analysis after giving a NEET mock test is very important. If you got a question wrong, understand why you got it wrong. Find out what you’re good at and not so good at – be it silly mistakes, speed, accuracy or time management. Identify your weaknesses and work hard on them to improve your score.

6. Apply tricks to solve questions faster in NEET.

Time management and the manner of solving questions is important to clear NEET with a top score. You have to reach the solution in the fastest possible time. Learn to apply tricks in solving problems. This comes with a lot of practice.

7. Solve previous year papers, resolve if you already done it.

Solve last 10 year question papers of NEET and analyze them. If you have already done it and have time, re-solve them again. You will feel a surge of confidence when you solve it for the second time. And confidence can surely help you gain extra marks in the exam.

8. Mindset is the key, believe that you can score 700+ in NEET.

Have a positive mindset that “Yes I can get 700+ if I genuinely put all my efforts into it.” Staying positive is like having a superpower, it helps you stay strong, concentrate better and make it easier to do well in NEET.

Score 700+ in NEET in the First Attempt

Are you in class 12 and attempting NEET for the first time? Majority of NEET toppers who get 700+ marks in NEET are first timers only. If they can do it, you can do it. Manage your board exams well (solve sample papers) and follow the above tips to score 700+ in NEET in the first attempt.

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