How to Improve My Physics Score in NEET?

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Increase Physics marks in NEET

Are you struggling to score good marks in NEET Physics? Physics is a subject in which you can get very good  marks in NEET, if understood well and practiced regularly. In this post, we will see the best ways to increase your Physics marks in NEET.

How to Improve Physics Score in NEET?

Follow the below tips to improve your Physics score in NEET.

1. Have a good understanding of theory and conceptual clarity

The most important aspect in Physics is understanding the concepts well. Your confidence level will drop down if you start solving questions before knowing the concepts. Once your concepts are clear, you will be able to do most of the MCQs. Keep brushing up on your concepts by solving questions, or else you will forget them sooner or later.

“Have a good theoretical knowledge of everything. Whenever you see a question, you should have a fair idea about what topic the question revolves around and what are the probable concepts which you can use to solve that question.”Abhishek Garg (AIR 760 in NEET-UG).

“For Physics, conceptual clarity is the key. Sirf formula yaad karne se kaam nahi chalega (only remembering formulas will not do). Unki derivations aani chahiye (should know their derivations).”Gautam Chellani (AIR 28 in NEET-UG).

2. Practice as many MCQs as you can

Practice as many MCQs as you can, especially in the topics that scare you. Practicing more questions acquaints you with various kinds of questions and increases your solving speed and thinking capacity simultaneously. If you finish a book for NEET Physics, solve it again instead of solving another book. Solve PYQs again. The repeated practice also helps in increasing your marks in NEET Physics.

Learn a concept→ Solve MCQs regarding that concept → get them wrong → check explanation→ see where you’re going wrong→ do more MCQs → no more mistakes → score increased in NEET Physics.

3. Increase the speed of solving Physics problems

Solving Physics problems faster in NEET requires a good understanding of theory, concepts, smart calculation tricks, imagination, creativity and above all a lot of Practice (solve Physics problems regularly).

4. NCERT is important for NEET Physics

NCERT is equally important for Physics, like Biology and Chemistry. Start your chapter or topic from NCERT. Read the theory part and understand it well. Highlight the points you think are important. Mark the areas where you think you are lacking and need further clarification. Clear your doubts from the NEET tutor. Then attempt the solved and unsolved questions of that chapter. The “Summary” and “Points to Ponder” section are very important for the Assertion Reason questions in NEET.

5. Make short notes for formulas, important points and shortcuts

Making short notes helps in quick revision before the mock tests and NEET exam. Try completing the whole chapter’s important formulas and points in 2-3 pages. They will be your savior just one month before the final exam. Make a Physics formula copy and update it after completing a chapter.

“Take A4 sheets and write all formulas, a few important points, shortcuts to solve some typical questions which keep on repeating. Try not to exceed 3 sheets per chapter. At the end of syllabus you will have a handful of sheets to revise and you can revise whole physics for NEET in max to max 2 hrs and this time will keep decreasing as your frequency of revision increases. Try to revise these sheets before every test.” – Ambríßh (MBBS student, AIIMS Bhopal).

6. Solve NEET mock tests and PYQs

Solve NEET physics portion from previous year papers and mock tests in 45-50 minutes duration or within stipulated time you allocate to the Physics section. Continuous practice of question papers by setting a time limit will help in better time management during the examination.

7. Analyze test to learn from your mistakes

You can’t improve unless you learn from your mistakes. Analyze the test for the silly mistakes and questions you were not able to solve. Read the related theory and concepts, clear any doubts from the teacher, and solve the questions again. This cycle continues for every test you attempt.

8. Find a Physics teacher who is perfect for you

A good Physics teacher who can explain concepts properly from basics can make all the difference in your performance. “I was really very weak in Physics (could solve 2 out of 10 PYQs) so I personally changed 5 Physics teachers and finally found the 5th one the best. Select a teacher who teaches you from the basic little things. Choose a teacher who clears your silliest of doubts even before you ask him/her.”Riya Bhardwaj (MBBS at University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi).

Diya Suhas got to learn from Nikhar Bhargava Ma’am through Mystudycart NEET 1-on-1 Physics tuition online. She is a fantastic Physics teacher and her USP is that once she teaches any concept to her students, they rarely forget them in their life.

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