How to Master Physics for NEET and AIIMS? [Including Tips for Problem Solving]

By | June 16, 2018

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Physics requires logical thinking, a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts and the application of mathematics to solve problems. Physics relies less on memory and more on applying ideas and concepts to solve problems.

How to Study/Master Physics for NEET and AIIMS

Want to know how to master physics for NEET and AIIMS? Read this blog post that covers tips for learning physics and doing well in NEET and AIIMS exams.

For studying Physics in NEET, follow these points :

  1. Study every day. Manage your time wisely.
  2. Don’t miss your classes. Make class notes.
  3. Read/Preview the topic before the class.
  4. Revise everything after the class.
  5. Study NEET coaching material to understand concepts well.
  6. Solve problems from NCERT textbook.
  7. Avoid cramming. Learn basic math.
  8. Understand how to apply concepts in solving problems.
  9. Make a habit of problem solving.
  10. Get help from the teacher whenever you have doubts.

Study every day

Make a daily schedule or time table. Manage your time well between studies and other tasks. Complete your assignments/homework on time. Study with full concentration without any kind of distractions.

Don’t miss your classes

Pay complete attention to what teacher is teaching in the class. Ask your doubts and questions. Make class notes (include summaries, formulas, cause-and-effect statements, new words, definitions, terms, phrases etc.). You will need them later to help you understand the concept or topic. [What to write in your notes during the NEET class]

Read/Preview the topic before the class

Have a quick glance at the topic or chapter that you will study in the class, like table of contents, index, preface, summaries, headings, and key paragraphs. It will help you to understand better in the class.

Revise everything after the class

Have a look at the things you learned in the class. Edit your class notes, if required, to make them more readable. Solve problems and questions that are solved or asked in the class.

Study NEET coaching material to understand concepts well

Study the NEET coaching material well so you can understand the concepts (even if you hate the math) and interpret the equations you need to use in solving problems. The NEET study material will have all the theory and questions as per NEET level.

Solve problems from NCERT textbook

Do solve the solved examples in your NCERT textbook yourself without looking at the solution. After you solve the question, see the solution if there is a better way to solve the problem. Do the exercises given at the end of the textbook. [Reference books for NEET Physics].

Avoid cramming and learn basic math

Avoid cramming (unless it’s the value of acceleration due to gravity, Boltzmann’s constant, Avogadro’s Number, etc.). The biggest mistake one can commit while studying physics is to just mug up some random facts and appear for the test.

You need to have the understanding of basic mathematics like how to find ratios, some basic algebraic identities, how to convert a number into its exponential form and then perform various mathematical operations on the number, integral calculus, etc.

Understand how to apply concepts in solving problems

Understanding concepts is not enough in Physics. If you want to do well in physics in NEET and AIIMS, you need to understand how to approach problems, how to apply concepts in solving problems.

Make a habit of problem solving

Physics is different than other subjects because it is so heavily based upon problem solving. Start by simple problems and then move on to more difficult problems. Solving problems help you gain clear knowledge about the concept.

Memorize all the basic formulas. The more problems you solve, the more you will become familiar with strategies for picking the right formula in Physics.

Some tips for solving Physics problems in NEET & AIIMS :

  • Whenever any problem in physics need to be solved, run through all the important points that are mentioned.
  • Understand the problem and get to know what is to be found out. Think about what information, data or formula is to be applied.
  • Draw diagrams to understand what we are expected to find, and what we already have.
  • Verify units for any conversion.
  • Verify the answer. Read the instructions carefully and verify your method.

Golden rule to master physics in NEET/AIIMS : Practice, Practice, and Practice Problems. The objective is to solve so many questions that you start anticipate which method would likely work best. With experience you’ll be able to see solution quickly.

Get help from the teacher whenever you have doubts. You should first try the problems yourself, make a serious effort, and if still not able to solve then go and ask from the teacher.

With NEET online sessions, studying and learning physics these days has been quite interesting and convenient.

Relax and enjoy studying physics. Scoring well in NEET and AIIMS physics is all about practice. Don’t panic and don’t give up. Physics is less hard than you think (most of the time).


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