How to Increase Speed in Solving Physics for the NEET Exam?

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Increase Physics speed in NEET.

Question asked by a medical aspirant – “How can I increase my speed in solving physics for the NEET exam?”

How to Increase Speed in Solving Physics for NEET?

Here are the tips to increase the speed of solving Physics problems in NEET.

  1. First and the foremost is that you should have a good theoretical knowledge of everything (‘most’ to be realistic) which is in your syllabus. That means that whenever you see a question, you should have a fair idea about ‘What topic, the question revolves around’ and what are the probable concepts which you can use to solve that question.
  2. When you already analyzed that the question has a lot of calculations, leave it for a bit later because the calculations eat up time very fast and it is not sure that you will surely get the right answer of that question resulting in a little frustration. Some questions are set in order to waste the candidate’s time mid-way and check their level of ‘Management and Intelligence’.
  3. Read the questions properly and carefully. Many silly mistakes are of this origin where you forget to focus on the little-est things which are mentioned in the question. Without focusing on them the question cannot be solved, resulting in the waste of time.
  4. Have a habit of focusing on the Units in which the value of a given physical quantity is provided (In case of numerical questions). Most of the silly mistakes (Literally ‘Time waste’) occur due to the fact that the aspirant forgets to convert “meter into centimeters or Kilograms into grams” and because of which he gets that answer wrong, which is definitely provided as one of the options among the four. Examiners are professionals at fooling the students, so have a habit of converting the units appropriately by seeing the options as well. If the option has already provided the number in Millimeters (For e.g.), then converting the whole thing is a time waste already. This comes through practice.
  5. Physics is nothing without imagination. You should imagine that ball being dropped from a tower to the extent, when the satellite leaves the earth’s effective gravitational pull. As you start imagining the things which are occurring in a question, the whole world becomes easier and it surely assists in the problem-solving.
  6. While solving a numerical question, if some values like 314, 98 etc. are present in front of a physical quantity, just have a habit of writing them as (For e.g.) 3.14 × 100 – -> 100 × [Pi], 9.8 ×10 – – > 10g. These things will mostly cancel out as Pi and ‘g’ are frequently used in the formulas of Physics, making your calculations a bit easy and saving a huge amount of time.
  7. Sometimes, you need to be creative and try solving a question in an easier way / comfortable way. For e.g. Often, velocity at a point in a projectile can be calculated by just applying Work Energy Theorem between the point of projection (Or any other point) and that particular point [If other needed things are also given.] This thing will come through practice and the view of solving the question paper as ‘Physics’ as a subject not as a particular Physics chapter.
  8. Another example of being creative and imagining things (Which I did when I solved the question) is as follows – Consider an electrical circuit like the one below. If I imagine that I am holding the wire/point ‘A’ with my fingers and just lifting it up and putting it to right side just like we flip a page, the resulting (Same) circuit seems so much easier to solve.

increase speed physics question

solve physics questions quicker

It is clear that it is a Wheat-stone bridge in this case which earlier seemed to be a bit confusing [to some] in the actual question. Though this example is just a simple one, but I hope that you get the thing which I am trying to explain.

These are some of the points which can help you out in solving your Physics questions a bit quicker in NEET, depending on one’s preparations. They worked for me, that is why I poured them here.

Practice questions regularly to improve the speed in NEET Physics

And of-course the most obvious thing, last but not the least, is PRACTICE questions regularly (Setting the time limit as an alarm). This will increase your speed of solving, analyzing power and make you fond of concepts and at some time the formulas as well if you already know the theory regarding that.

That’s it.

All the best future NEET aspirants.

Edit : One important thing which was left incomplete intentionally – You should be 100% accurate and precise while replicating a diagram according to yourself.

increase speed neet physics

Happy preparations!

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Abhishek Garg
(AIR 8 in JIPMER 2018, AIR 760 NEET, AIR 212 in AIIMS 2018)

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