How to Remove the Fear of Physics in NEET? Top 4 Ways

By | Last updated on April 26th, 2021

Remove the fear of Physics in NEET.

Majority of students have difficulty in studying Physics for the NEET exam. It’s either due to lack of concepts or not practicing enough questions, students develop a fear of Physics for NEET.

How to Remove the Fear of Physics in NEET?

Best ways to remove the fear of Physics for NEET.

  1. Hit on concepts. I could tell this 1000 times and every time in the first place. All those concepts right from Mechanics to Modern Physics are interesting, beautifully explained in NCERT and are mind blowing. Means you are going to love Physics.
  2. Solve NCERT examples. It has two benefits :-
    • Concept you just hitted on is fit in your mind after solving NCERT examples.
    • Examples directly asked in NEET with numerical manipulation.
  3. Practice a variety of questions. Benefits :-
    • You get used to the concept.
    • Your application ability increases.
    • As you are repeating things, time in applying concepts decreases.
  4. Fear of Physics. It is such a hype among Biology students. And it is just fear. Physics is really fascinating and it cannot be tough. What makes you fear Physics?
    • A. You might not understand the concept. Go to a teacher or book and understand or read till the time you get it.
    • B. You might make a lot of calculation mistakes. Practice. And not just practice, do perfect practice. Main motto before solving any numerical should be 100% accuracy. And you are gonna improve, I bet.
    • C. You might just rote Physics numericals and those don’t appear in tests. My friend, this is hilarious. Believe me rote learning will hurt you big time. It is high time that you must understand that you anyway need to hit concepts and are not going to get all repeating questions in exam.
    • D. You are told this again and again that you are a Biology student and thus Physics is going to be the problem. Stop paying heed to such people (may include your teachers). Keep a distance from them and believe me you are gonna thank me afterwards if you do so.

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