How to Improve Physics in Class 11 for NEET and Boards?

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Improve Physics for NEET and Boards.

Question asked by a student – “How do I improve my Physics? I am a medical student of class 11.”

You are in 11 standard then it might be your beginning, so according to me you should first learn all formulas of all chapters. Formulas should be on your fingertips and your 50% work is done. Whenever you start a new chapter first go through all bold headings then learn formulas and then understand the concepts.

It’s better to understand concepts properly and solve 10 questions instead of solving 50 questions without understanding proper concepts.

How to Improve Physics in Class 11 for NEET and Boards?

Follow the below steps to improve Physics in class 11 for NEET and Boards :

  1. Purchase a good book like HC Verma or DC Pandey. (I think HC Verma will do a better job, for only boards you can continue with SL Arora only).
  2. Read main concepts. Just read.
  3. Learn formulas.
  4. Understand concepts (You can shift step 2 and 3 as per your comfort).
  5. Solve examples.
  6. Try unsolved problems (at least 10) without checking answers. And then again repeat it. If you get the wrong answer then understand the solution and highlight it for next time so you don’t waste your time on cheap questions.

For Boards, follow the same above steps, just replace NEET questions with Board questions. Whether medical or non medical, theory has more weightage in Boards.

Most important thing – After completing NEET chapters, get a sample paper download and solve it within time limit. It will help you to know the main areas of the chapter on which you need to focus most.

After your NEET syllabus is complete, buy a set of sample papers and solve them. One thing you need to remember is that sample paper books have lots of errors in questions and solutions. So try sample paper books only if you have a good teacher to tell you when a question is wrong.

You can also get the NEET coaching material online.

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