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Download NEET Past Year Question Papers With Answer Keys in PDF

NEET Previous Year Papers.

While preparing for a medical entrance examination like NEET, it’s very important to solve past year question papers of the exam. The benefit of solving previous year papers of NEET (AIPMT) is that the students get to know the type of questions asked in the NEET exam and can have the experience of giving a real exam while solving the past year question paper of NEET. Previous years papers of NEET also test the candidates' preparation level for the upcoming NEET exam.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

We are providing you the NEET and AIPMT past years papers from 2022 to 2005. You can see the papers online on the website or you can also download them to your computer, laptop or mobile. The format and pattern of AIPMT exam was changed in the year 2013 when NEET-UG was conducted in place of AIPMT. Students are advised to go through the complete syllabus of NEET, understand all the concepts, and then try to solve the previous year papers of NEET and AIPMT.

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Download NEET (AIPMT) Past Years Papers

NEET 2022 Question Paper

Download NEET 2022 Question Paper PDF : NEET 2022 Paper

Download NEET 2022 Answer Key PDF : NEET 2022 Answer Key

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Solve NEET previous years papers like practice tests - chapter-wise and full paper. Solving chapter wise will help you judge your weak points in each topic and will help you fix it faster. Solve some papers in the same exam-like pattern. This will make you confident about your time management skills.

FAQs on NEET previous years papers

Is solving previous year questions enough for NEET?

Just solving previous year questions is not enough for NEET, you have to learn all the topics from the syllabus, complete NCERT, and practice a lot of questions from coaching modules and test series.

How many years of test papers should I refer for NEET?

A minimum of last 10 year NEET test papers and a maximum of 20-30 year papers are recommended to refer for NEET.

Do questions in NEET repeat from previous year papers?

Barring one or two exceptions, the exact questions don't repeat in NEET from previous year papers. The previous year questions type and format with changes in figures are frequently asked in NEET.

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