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IIT-JEE NEET Home Tutors

Mystudycart provides home tuition for IIT-JEE and NEET entrance exams to students all over India and Abroad. Our mode of teaching is online where a student can attend live online classes at home from the best faculty and experts.

Personal 1-on-1 tuition for JEE/ NEET is provided to students in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Nagpur, Patna, Mumbai, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Kanpur, Kochi, Guwahati and all other cities, towns and villages in India. NRI and foreign students can also take classes from their home through our online platform.

Our academic team consists of IIT qualified teachers, medicos and experienced tutors who all are experts in delivering online classes to students at their home.

Why to Choose Mystudycart Home Tuition over Local Tutors for JEE and NEET Preparation?

  • Live online classes from IIT/ NEET/ PMT qualified experienced tutors at your home.
  • You can study in a batch or take personal 1-on-1 tuitions, both from your home.
  • Recording of each live class will be available to you after the class, in-case you miss out on any class due to an unavoidable reason, you can watch the recording later for better understanding and revision.
  • The complete batch calendar (or one-to-one schedule) will be provided to you in advance.
  • Hard copy study material, DPPs, Question Bank will be delivered to your address through courier (no extra charges for students in India).
  • Free online test series (with test analysis and reports) for practicing online mock tests.

Best Home Tutors for JEE/ NEET Preparation

We are having the best home tutors for JEE, NEET and CBSE/ ICSE subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) who teach students in online mode at the comfort of their home.

Here are some of the online tutors from Mystudycart academic team :

Vinod Chacko Mystudycart

Mr. Vinod Chacko

M.Tech, IIT Delhi
M.Sc, IIT Roorkee

Siddharth Thandra Mystudycart

Mr. Siddharth Thandra

B Tech, IIT Kharagpur
2010 Pass Out

Farheen Khan Mystudycart

Dr. Farheen Khan

M.Sc - Marine Biotechnology
Goa University (2011)

Asmita Sharma IIT Delhi

Asmita Sharma

M.Tech Chemistry
IIT Delhi (2013)

Aman Saurav Mystudycart

Mr. Aman Saurav

B.Tech, IIT Delhi
2015 Pass Out

Deepak Behal IIT Delhi

Deepak Behal

B.Tech, IIT Delhi
2015 Pass Out

Ruchi Goil Mystudycart

Mrs. Ruchi Goil

M.Sc Genetics
UTD, Barkatullah University

Mr. Aatish Kumar Bajaj Mystudycart

Mr. Aatish Kumar Bajaj

B.Tech (2012)
IIT Roorkee

Bela Arora Mystudycart

Miss. Bela Arora

M.Sc (2012)
MK University, Tamilnadu

Mr. Satpal Singh Mystudycart

Mr. Satpal Singh

B.Tech (2015)
IIT Delhi

Dr. Tapas Kumar Das Mystudycart

Dr. Tapas Kumar Das

B.Sc, BDS, M.Sc
Utkal University

Shruti Aggarwal Mystudycart

Mrs. Shruti Aggarwal

M.Sc - Chemistry
Delhi University (2007)

Mr. Veerashekhar Goud. E Mystudycart

Mr. Veerashekhar Goud. E

PhD (2016)
VIT University

Mr. Vikash Kumar Mystudycart

Mr. Vikash Kumar

B.Tech (2015)
IIT Delhi

Gona Venugopal Mystudycart

Mr. Gona Venugopal

M.Sc - Physics
Osmania University (1997)

Ms. Rahema Javeed Mystudycart

Ms. Rahema Javeed

M.Sc (2013)
Jamia Millia Islamia University

Amrinderjit Singh Mystudycart

Amrinderjit Singh

Bachelor of Technology
Panjab University (2013)

Mrs. Kalaivani Mystudycart

Mrs. Kalaivani

B.Sc Mathematics + MCA
Madras University

Dixit Jain Mystudycart

Mr. Dixit Jain

B.Tech (2016)

Mrs. Saroj kedia Mystudycart

Mrs. Saroj kedia

B. Ed (1996)
Annamalai university

What Students Say About Mystudycart Home Tutors

"The faculty members are very impressive and highly qualified, and they ensure the involvement of each and every student in the session." - Abrar Syed (Indian School Al Ghubra, Oman)

"Having one on one sessions with my teacher, Nikhar ma’am (Mystudycart Academic Team), really helped me clear up my doubts and pinpoint the weaker areas in the syllabus. My teacher was very knowledgeable and conveyed the concepts in a way that made them a lot easier to absorb." - Diya Suhas (AIR-2854, NEET 2022)

"Mystudycart tutors light up the curiosity in every student hidden inside. They not only see students’ knowledge but his/her curiosity to learn more, the effort he/she makes, and the active participation in the questions." - Nidhi Singh (New Delhi)

"Teachers give personal attention to students who ask doubts. Moreover updating entrance questions each week is extremely useful for interested students." - Sarah Yohannan from Grade 11

FAQs on IIT JEE/ NEET Home Tuition

Is home tuition good for JEE/ NEET preparation?

Yes, home tuition is fine as long as the tutor is experienced and qualified to teach for JEE and NEET entrance exams. The student should be able to clear all his/ her doubts.

Are there any good quality home tutors available for JEE/ NEET preparation?

Yes, definitely. Mystudycart academic team consists of IIT qualified experienced home tutors who are teaching students for JEE and NEET in online mode.

How can I get coaching material and test series If I take home tuition for JEE/ NEET?

Mystudycart provides best home tuition for JEE/ NEET with coaching material and online test series. The hard copy study material will be delivered to your home through courier.

How can an NRI student get home tuition for JEE/ NEET?

NRI students can get home tuition for JEE and NEET through Mystudycart online tutor service where a student can attend live online classes at home from the best Indian faculty using a computer/ laptop and internet connection.

To know more about Mystudycart online platform and teaching quality, please checkout a free online demo class.

For any question or query related to IIT JEE/ NEET home tuition, you may contact us on +91-888-2124-333 or send your details through the below form to request a call back.

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