Best Long Term Coaching for IIT JEE Main and Advanced

Long Term IIT JEE Coaching.

As a student or parent, are you searching long term for IIT JEE? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we will cover everything about IIT JEE long term coaching, its benefits and best online course for JEE long term preparation.

Long Term for IIT JEE [Table of contents]

What is Long Term Coaching for IIT JEE?

Long term coaching for IIT JEE is where a student is devoting minimum 2 years preparation for JEE and it should start in (or before) grade 11. Like if the student is in grade 8, he can take 5 year long term coaching for JEE which includes 3 year foundation and 2 year preparation as per JEE syllabus. Similarly, a student in grade 10 can join a 1 year foundation + 2 year JEE program starting from grade 11.

Is it good to take Long Term for JEE Main and Advanced?

Yes, it's best to take a long term for JEE Main and Advanced preparation as it will give students the sufficient time to complete the JEE syllabus. A student can create and follow a proper study schedule to cover all the topics and chapters. There is no hustle and panic as students can prepare for JEE in a structured way in long term coaching.

Benefits of Long Term Coaching for JEE

Here are the benefits of IIT JEE long term coaching.

  • Enough time to build interest in all the subjects as there is no pressure of finishing things in a short time.
  • Students can find productive study hours by studying at various times during the day in starting days.
  • Systematic process of learning step by step, topic by topic, question by question, in order to complete the syllabus.
  • Longer consistent practice to solve more problems.
  • Students can complete all assignments, DPPs and exercises.
  • Convenience of making proper notes and long term revision.
  • Students can give tests on a regular basis to check their learning, speed, accuracy and time management.
  • Opportunity to bounce back from low scores and bad performances in tests.
  • Time in hand to relax and refresh the mind along with studies.
  • If a student starts a long term in grade 8, 9 or 10, he/ she will always be ahead of those who are planning to prepare for JEE but not doing it.
  • Long term coaching also helps in scoring good marks in school exams along with JEE preparation.

Best Long Term Online Coaching for IIT JEE Preparation

Mystudycart is India's best online coaching platform for long term JEE preparation. We provide JEE long term online coaching to grade 8-11 students through live online classes using a computer/ laptop and internet connection.

Some of the key advantages of our JEE long term online coaching – live classes, recordings of each class for later reference, short batches, personal attention to an individual student, proper counselling, hard copy study material, mock tests, online assessment and regular monitoring.

IIT JEE Long Term Online Course for Class 11 Students

Course Features Class 11
Online Live Classes : Number of hours 650 hours
Recordings of Classes Yes
Hard Copy Study Material Yes
All India Test Series (Online) Yes
Course Fee (in INR) 184000
Scholarships Available

Abrar Syed (student of Indian School Al Ghubra, Oman) joined Mystudycart JEE 2 year long term course in class 11. In the below video, Abrar talks about Mystudycart online classes, student understanding, the faculty, study material and online test series.

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