IIT JEE Study Material (JEE Main, Advanced) - Which is Best?

For any entrance examination, study material plays an important role in preparation. While selecting the right study material for IIT JEE Main and Advanced, students and parents do lots of research and analysis. As per the experts, students should take the study material once they are fully satisfied with the content, syllabus, and level of the study material.

Which Coaching Institute has the Best IIT JEE Study Material?

Most of the coaching institute's study material have similar types of examples and questions for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You can choose an IIT JEE study material on the basis of below points :

  • A study material in which every theory, concept is explained properly using relevant examples and questions.
  • A study material which has lots of conceptual level questions that will test your concepts understanding.
  • A study material prepared after analysing previous years papers, the type and format of questions asked in the last few years.

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IIT JEE Study Material Benefits

  • Reduces dependency on Books : There are many reference books available of all 3 subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry for IIT JEE. A good IIT JEE study material is an accumulated version of the complete JEE syllabus including theory, examples and questions. You don't need to buy and refer to multiple books if you have study material.
  • Modules, DPPs, Question Bank : The study material is divided into modules. The completion of each module will move towards completing the syllabus in a structured manner. You will get Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) and Question Bank to solve enough questions for the preparation.
  • Avoids Outside Syllabus Study : IIT JEE study material is prepared according to JEE syllabus only. Sometimes the questions level will be higher, just to prepare you well for tough problems.
  • High Quality Questions : In the books, the questions are not prepared specifically for an entrance examination. Whereas, the questions in study material are on the basis of JEE syllabus and past year papers. "The best way to master physics is by solving your institute's material because they provide you with a compact package of high quality questions." - Saurav Tiwary (IIT Patna).

Free Study Material for IIT JEE Main and Advanced

Some aspirants, especially, who are not taking any coaching for JEE, search for free study material of IIT JEE. Is it worth it? Not really. Getting free study material is one thing and understanding everything on your own is another. That's why it's important to have teachers who can clear your doubts from the study material. Same applies to the questions that you are going to solve from study material. Teachers + Study material is a better combination. It will cost you money but everything will be worth spending when you clear JEE.

IIT JEE Online Coaching + Hard Copy Study Material : JEE Online Coaching

Note : Referencing multiple sources (books, study materials) for similar topics and chapters uses a lot of cognitive load of the memory. Avoid using multiple books and material in your preparation. Quality matters more than quantity in IIT JEE preparation.

Should I take an online study material for IIT JEE?

Whenever possible, avoid online JEE study material. We are an online coaching provider, deliver online classes for JEE preparation, and we still give hard copy study material to students. The reason is, when students do self-study, the hard copy study material is convenient and more productive than online study material.

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