How to Prepare for NEET Exam? NEET-UG Preparation Strategy, Study Plan

NEET Preparation.

"How to prepare for NEET?" - A question asked by many students when starting their NEET preparation. This is a preparation guide for NEET aspirants to get all the information, tips, strategy, subject-wise study plan, revision, syllabus, recommended books, coaching and online preparation to crack NEET-UG entrance exam.

NEET Preparation [Table of contents]

NEET-UG is the common medical entrance examination for admission to MBBS and BDS courses in all medical colleges (including AIIMS and JIPMER) around the country. The ratio of number of MBBS seats to the applying candidates make NEET-UG one of the most competitive exams in India. Let's look at the ideal strategy to prepare for the NEET exam.

How to Prepare for the NEET Exam?

Best tips and strategy to prepare for the NEET exam :

1. Be consistent, study and practice daily.

Be consistent in your preparation. Daily studies and practice is the most important skill you need to crack NEET. Stay passionate about your goals and keep remembering what you will achieve after clearing the NEET with top rank.

2. Stay away from distractions and try to follow a timetable.

One important thing for good NEET preparation is your interest in subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If you love solving problems, understanding concepts, you will want to focus on studies as much as possible, keeping all distractions away. Prepare a simple time table for NEET and try to follow it.

3. Quality of study hours matter, not quantity.

How many hours of study in NEET preparation? It totally depends on you. What’s your capacity? How does your brain work? You just have to enjoy every hour that you are studying for NEET. It can’t be forced. What matters a lot is the quality study that you do and not the number of hours.

4. Study from NCERT and coaching study material.

NEET requires thorough knowledge of NCERT. Although it’s advised to follow coaching study material, you can also use reference books (Don’t refer to too many books, one of each subject is enough, and NCERT is a must).

5. Learn basic concepts before complex ones and learn from your mistakes.

The sequence of learning is important. You should be aware of simple, basic concepts before knowing the complex ones. New concepts delivered in a way that builds upon existing topics/concepts is easier to make sense of and retain. While solving questions, apply the tricks (mostly taught by your coaching teachers). Practice a lot and learn from your mistakes.

6. Make notes with your own shortcuts and tricks.

Making notes is very beneficial in your preparation. Make your own notes, don’t buy or use someone else’s work. The notes will be handy during revision. Include your own shortcuts and tricks. "Try to make code words. Loligo, Octopus, Sepia -LOS – molluscs with no larval stage (loss). If you have to learn many examples, make a sentence or something. One word starting with the initial letter of each example. Find out some cool relations. I bet you’d never forget that fountain pen was invented by Waterman." - Mahima Mehra (Lady Hardinge Medical College).

7. Don’t neglect any topic and always clear your doubts.

Don’t leave any topic because you find it hard to understand. Ask your teachers at coaching to resolve your doubts. Make a ‘doubt copy’. Collect all doubts in it along with their solutions. You can use this to revise before NEET.

8. Keep revising what you study, everyday.

Revision is a continuous process which must happen daily in some form or other. Revision not in the last few months, but every day. E.g. half an hour before sleep, go through all the things you learned during the day. Keep revising what you learn. Always revise important points, MCQs before sleeping.

9. Solve NEET previous years papers and mock tests.

After completing the syllabus : Solve NEET past year papers and mock tests. Create an exam-like environment at your home and solve the papers at the time which is scheduled for NEET exam. The objective is to have enough practice in solving problems and improving the speed and accuracy.

10. Analyze your tests for mistakes and weaknesses.

Whenever you attempt any mock / practice test, you are likely to give wrong answers. The objective is not just to solve the test but analyzing it on the same day for mistakes and weakness. If you follow this strategy, you will surely improve with each test that you give during the NEET preparation.

11. Prepare an exam strategy with emphasis on time management.

Time management is the key. You should devote enough time to each section i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Attempt that subject first in which you are most comfortable. During the exam and before that in practice tests also, do not let any question eat up your time. Skip the question as soon as you are nowhere close to the answer. Come back to these questions after you finish the whole paper once.

12. Remain calm and composed throughout the NEET preparation.

Don’t take extreme pressure, it will be good for you if you go with a positive mind to the exam. Avoid silly mistakes, first in mock tests and then on the exam day. Remain calm and composed. That’s the sign of a Doctor in progress!

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Subject-wise Study Plan for NEET


DO NOT leave any topic, any line, any word of NCERT unturned. You have to learn Biology NCERT by heart. Try to mark only those points which you confuse or forget often. Don’t mark each and every line. Be thorough with the diagrams and their labellings in Biology. Practice Biology questions. Practicing is equally important in Biology as it is in Physics and Chemistry.

"The best-est way to get more than 300 marks in Biology is to make your own handwritten notes in which you can make flow charts and shortcuts to learn important topics especially Krebs cycle, Glycolysis pathway etc." - Shweta Chaudhary (Govt Medical College Chandigarh).

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Understanding the concepts and practicing problems is the key to score well in Physics. While preparing, keep your concepts clear before you go for questions.

"Make a formula list of each chapter and include just the formulas in it and not the whole notes thing and read these whenever you get time, say before meals etc. Practice as many questions as you can because in the end only this is going to help you." - Arzoo (AIIMS 2016 AIR 136 ; NEET 2016 AIR 110; Maulana Azad Medical College).

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In Organic Chemistry, You need to study all reaction mechanisms and remember all named reactions. Study the chapter, and make notes while you study each chapter. Keep thinking of reactions and mechanisms in your free time. It helps in revision.

Complete NCERT thoroughly and you’ll get your basic footing in Inorganic Chemistry. Make precise notes for each chapter.

For Physical Chemistry, Read from NCERT and have your concepts clarified at your coaching institute. After you are done with the chapter, write down all equations from the chapter in a notebook for speedy reference while solving problems.

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NEET Exam Syllabus

See the detailed topic-wise syllabus of NEET exam : NEET-UG Syllabus

NEET-UG Exam Pattern

NEET-UG entrance examination is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in pen-paper mode. The NEET question paper is of 3 hours and has a total of 200 questions of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Candidates need to answer only 180). All questions are of objective type (multiple choice questions); each question with a choice of four answers, only one being the correct choice. Each question carries 4 marks for every correct answer. There is also negative marking, deducting 1 mark for every wrong answer.

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NEET Preparation Books

See the list of books recommended by teachers for NEET preparation : Reference books for NEET preparation

You may not be required to study from too many books if you follow a good NEET study material of a coaching. The study material is prepared specifically for NEET level concepts and questions.

Subject-wise Revision Strategy for NEET


  • Revise everything after the class. Have a look at the things you learned in the class. Edit your class notes, if required, to make them more readable.
  • Revise all the formulas with the case and conditions applied multiple times.
  • You can also use a white board or the back of your room door to write formulas and keep reading these and updating with the newer ones.
  • Keep in mind that in Physics, only remembering formulas will not do, you should know their derivations.
  • Avoid cramming everything. The biggest mistake one can commit while studying Physics is to just mug up some random facts and appear for the test.
  • Practice as many questions as you can during the revision time.
  • While solving questions always mark them according to their difficulty level & number of attempts you made to solve them, so that next time you solve only those questions which you weren’t able to do previous time.


  • In Organic, make short notes. Don’t write mechanism in your short notes, just write down the net reaction and when you revise your short notes just remember the mechanism in the back of your mind. The key is to revise as many times as possible.
  • Write sticky notes and paste them in your room. You would be able to remember a lot of things by seeing them on a daily basis.
  • Focus on understanding, not just memorization. Memorization is good as long as you are understanding the concepts deeper.
  • Make precise notes for each chapter. You might think it is a waste of time right now to maintain so many notes but they’ll prove indispensable for your NEET revision.
  • Make a notebook of mistakes you make and revise it regularly.
  • Use flash cards and Mnemonics to learn and remember difficult words, phrases and statements.
  • Practicing and attempting new questions is very important in Chemistry. If you don’t practice questions regularly, you would not be able to memorize the formulas and the concepts used.


  • Go through highlighted points from your notes/ coaching modules/ NCERT.
  • First take a whole look at the chapter in just 5 minutes. Then go deeper in concepts and diagrams.
  • Keep an eagle eye over diagrams, data, contribution of scientists along with the years mentioned, examples given in the book.
  • Try to explain diagrams and concepts to yourself, you’ll recall the topic much better.
  • Some chapters like Morphology, Anatomy, Biodiversity require memorization, do that regularly.
  • After you are done revising a chapter, see the NEET previous year questions of at-least 10 years to know the trend and the type of questions asked from a chapter.

Things to avoid in NEET preparation

  • Long study hours if it results in fatigue. Small breaks after 45–60 minutes of study can improve your productivity.
  • Multiple books and material. Referencing multiple sources, books and study materials, for similar topics and chapters, uses a lot of cognitive load of the memory. Quality matters more than quantity in NEET preparation.
  • Backlogs : Always keep yourself up to date with what’s going on in the class. Complete your homework and assignments on time.
  • Procrastination : Procrastination is a lazy habit, you don’t need this in NEET preparation. Finishing work and assignments on time is a habit which helps in achieving your goal. Clear your doubts asap. Self-discipline is the inner power that pushes you to study hard rather than procrastinating or making excuses.
  • Excessive TV/ Social media/ Games: The distractions come due to lack of interest in studies. If you badly want something, your aim is clear to achieve it. You’ll have plenty of time later to spend your time enjoying things you miss out during the preparation. Get rid of all distractions like TV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, PUBG, etc.
  • Getting depressed due to low scores in tests. In your monthly or practice tests, always set a target on how many marks you should get in it. But, don’t set big targets that are not achievable. You will improve with each test. Neither get dejected by bad marks nor become overconfident. Work hard (smart) towards your goal.

Do I Need Coaching to Prepare for NEET?

Yes, you should join a good coaching to prepare for NEET which provides you experienced faculty, precise material and guidance for NEET entrance exam. Teachers in coaching classes will help you a lot. They will clear all your doubts, tell you the ways to remember things, tricks to solve problems faster, time management tips, etc.

Best Online Preparation for NEET

A team of experienced and qualified teachers (including IITians and doctors) will prepare you for NEET online using a computer/ laptop and internet connection. It’s like a normal classroom where you will be able to interact with the teacher and can ask your doubts in the online class, at the comfort of your home.

For our NEET online preparation courses, we share the complete batch calendar in advance with parents and students. There is complete transparency about the teachers, online platform, student performance, fee and scholarship details. Our online batches are short (20–25 students) which makes it easy to monitor each student’s progress.

What students like about Mystudycart NEET online preparation.

  • A digital classroom where students can interact with teachers and ask their doubts, very similar to traditional coaching classes.
  • Recordings of the classes are provided for better understanding and revision.
  • The course batch timings are suitable and convenient, where students are taking classes right from their home.
  • Online practice tests where student's performance is analyzed so that he/she can improve on weaker areas.
  • The helpful nature of the teachers and the counselling team in constantly motivating students to feel confident and positive for the exam.

Some of the reviews of students and parents about Mystudycart NEET online classes, the faculty, study material and online test series.

"I was working hard to identify an adequate course for my daughter to prepare for the medical entrance. I am happy to say that Mystudycart team is very supportive in arranging the classes to our needs.The online classes delivered by them are very clear and helpful and it meets the expectations of the student. The faculty’s effort and teaching style is very helpful for my daughter. Thank you Mystudycart team. I will recommend my friends also." - Ambika Rajan (Mother of Dhakshika Thalaimalairajan from Dubai, UAE).

"Thank you for clearing all my doubts, for interacting, for being helpful, for being supportive, for giving a positive attitude, for providing advice, for providing strategy to prepare for NEET, for telling my weak and strength points, for helping me to be interactive with the teachers. Thank you for helping me to prepare for NEET." - Anitha Anil Kumar from UAE.

"My daughter was a state board student till 12th class and facing problems with NEET Preparations, but Mystudycart helped her with online coaching classes for NEET. Whatever she has performed in the exam was because of their efforts and they tried their level best to help us during the NEET preparations." - Mother of Apparanjitha V Ramana from Chennai, India.

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