NEET Preparation in Class 10 - Foundation Course, Books, Coaching

NEET Preparation Class 10.

Class 10 is the time when students face the Board exams for the first time. NEET preparation in class 10 requires you to manage your studies well for medical entrance and Boards. In this guide, we'll see how to start preparing for NEET from class 10, foundation course, books, and the best NEET coaching in class 10.

NEET Preparation in Class 10 [Table of contents]

Can I Start Preparing for NEET in Class 10?

Yes, you can start preparing for NEET from class 10 by strengthening your foundation of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You will be way ahead of other students if you start NEET preparation in class 10 and have 3 years to crack the NEET exam with a top rank. Consider joining a NEET foundation course in class 10 where teachers give you the right direction, guidance & support for NEET preparation.

How to Prepare for NEET from Class 10?

Tips to start preparing for NEET in class 10 :

1. Create a Study Routine

Make a structured timetable that outlines what subjects/topics to study and when. This prevents time wastage and ensures a balanced focus on all subjects.

2. Start with NCERT Books

Begin your studies with the NCERT textbooks of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These books are essential for both NEET preparation and class 10 board exams.

3. Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify your strong and weak areas in each subject. Allocate more time to topics where you need improvement.

4. Focus on Basic Concepts

Ensure a strong grasp of fundamental concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. A solid foundation in class 10 will make it easier to understand advanced topics in class 11 and 12.

5. Practice Regularly

After completing a major topic, solve practice questions to reinforce your understanding. Use additional resources like question banks or online platforms for more practice.

6. Join a NEET Foundation Course

Enroll in a NEET foundation course. Follow the structured study modules provided by the coaching institute to cover NEET-relevant topics comprehensively.

7. Clarify Doubts Quickly

Don't hesitate to ask your teachers or peers if you have any doubts or difficulties understanding certain topics. Clearing doubts immediately will prevent misconceptions from building up.

8. Enjoy Problem-Solving

Approach studying as an opportunity to enjoy the challenge of problem-solving. Approach challenging concepts as engaging puzzles to unravel, not as daunting responsibilities.

9. Improve Analytical Skills

Enhance your analytical abilities by practicing different methods to solve problems. Experiment with various approaches to understand concepts from multiple angles.

10. Take Regular Tests

Give regular tests to assess your progress and improve your speed, accuracy, and time management skills.

NEET Foundation Course for Class 10

Mystudycart provides the best online NEET foundation course for class 10 students. Our small class sizes facilitate close monitoring of each student's progress by our teachers, enabling students to ask questions more easily and freely during classes. Our live sessions are led by top NEET faculty and experts in India, with recordings available for download so that students can revisit the material at their convenience. The NEET foundation study material will be delivered to the student's address.

Mystudycart NEET foundation course details for class 10 :

NEET Foundation Course Class 10 Details
Live Classes 300 hours of Live Online Classes
Batch Size A maximum of 20 students in a batch
1-on-1 Sessions Yes (Counseling OTG)
Recordings of Classes Yes (For complete duration of the course)
Hard Copy Study Material Yes (6 Booklets of PCB)
Online Test Series Yes
Course Fee (in INR) 73,000 Tuition Fee (Excluding Study Material and Test Series Charges)
Scholarships Available

NEET Preparation in Class 10 - FAQs

Does Class 10 marks matter in NEET?

Class 10 marks do not matter for NEET. However, scoring good marks in class 10 Board is important for overall academic performance, which will help you in your future and career.

How much percentage is required for NEET in class 10?

There is no minimum percentage required in class 10 for NEET. Candidates need to obtain a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Biotechnology in class 12 or other qualifying exam.

Which book is best for NEET preparation in Class 10?

NCERT textbooks of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are best for NEET preparation in class 10. You can also refer to NEET foundation books or study material.

How many hours should a NEET aspirant study in Class 10?

A total of 4-6 hours of study apart from coaching is considered good for NEET aspirants in class 10. Create a timetable for NEET keeping in mind your most productive hours. Number of study hours for NEET also depends on the student's IQ and how much time it takes him/ her to remember things and solve questions.

NEET Foundation Books for Class 10

Best NEET preparation books for class 10 :

Book Name Author/Publisher
NCERT Class 10 Biology, Chemistry, Physics NCERT
Foundation Science Physics For Class 10 H C Verma
Dinesh Chemistry Class 10 Dinesh Publications
MTG Foundation Course Class 10 Physics, Chemistry, Biology MTG Editorial Board

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Best NEET Coaching for Class 10

NEET coaching in class 10 will help in building the right foundation for clearing the medical entrance exam. Mystudycart is one of the top platforms for NEET-UG online coaching where students can learn from the top faculty and experts at the comfort of home. If you join NEET coaching in class 10, then you don’t have to worry too much about the preparation, just regularly attend the classes and keep doing homework/ assignments on time. The teachers will give you the right guidance and support for NEET preparation.

Given below are some of the reviews of students and parents about Mystudycart NEET online coaching :

"I was working hard to identify an adequate course for my daughter to prepare for the medical entrance. I am happy to say that Mystudycart team is very supportive in arranging the classes to our needs.The online classes delivered by them are very clear and helpful and it meets the expectations of the student. The faculty’s effort and teaching style is very helpful for my daughter. Thank you Mystudycart team. I will recommend my friends also." - Ambika Rajan (Mother of Dhakshika Thalaimalairajan from Dubai, UAE)

"Thank you for clearing all my doubts, for interacting, for being helpful, for being supportive, for giving a positive attitude, for providing advice, for providing strategy to prepare for NEET, for telling my weak and strength points, for helping me to be interactive with the teachers. Thank you for helping me to prepare for NEET." - Anitha Anil Kumar from UAE

"My daughter was a state board student till 12th class and facing problems with NEET Preparations, but Mystudycart helped her with online coaching classes for NEET. Whatever she has performed in the exam was because of their efforts and they tried their level best to help us during the NEET preparations." - Mother of Apparanjitha V Ramana from Chennai, India

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