How Many Hours to Study for NEET? Study Hours to Crack NEET-UG

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How many hours to study for NEET?

A question that is often asked by many NEET aspirants is – “How many hours should I study for NEET?”

Here we are looking at the ideal study hours that are required to crack NEET-UG examination.

Does the number of study hours really matter in NEET preparation? Are there any minimum hours you need to study each day to crack NEET? You will find the answers in this post.

How Many Hours to Study for NEET?

A daily 6-8 hours of study is considered good to crack NEET, excluding coaching. The study hours for NEET also differ depending upon your IQ, whether you are a quick learner or take time to absorb things.

Avoid long continuous study hours if it results in fatigue. A small break after 50–60 minutes of study can improve your productivity. For NEET, what really matters a lot is the quality of study that you do and not the number of hours.

If you are starting the NEET preparation late with less than 6 months remaining, then you need to increase your study hours to complete the syllabus in time.

Study Hours to Crack NEET-UG

Given below are the daily study hours to crack NEET (along with school) :

Number of Hours Study Activity
1 hour (5:30 am – 6:30 am) Solve MCQs
6:30 am – 2:30 pm School timing
3 hours (2:30 pm – 5:30 pm) Study from coaching modules, homework, assignments
3 hours (6 pm – 9 pm) Online Coaching
1 hour (10 pm – 11 pm) Make notes, revise stuff

Given below are the daily study hours to crack NEET (no school, holidays, droppers) :

Number of Hours Study Activity
3 hours (8:00 am – 11:00 am) Solve MCQs, new concepts, weak areas
2 hours (12:00 pm – 2 pm) Homework, assignments, exercises
2 hours (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm) Coaching pre-study
3 hours (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm) Coaching (Online)
1 hour (10 pm – 11 pm) Make notes and Revise

Number of Hours to Study a Topic in NEET

Some topics in NEET take less time to complete, some take more. So the number of hours to give to each topic can vary. Plan out your study schedule – What topics have to be completed today, how they are to be completed, if you do not complete a topic today then how it should be managed with tomorrow’s studies, etc.

“You should never measure the number of hours you study. What matters more is that you should study with full concentration whenever you study.” – Mohit Bhatt (IIT Roorkee)

The above advice is given for the JEE, but it also holds true for NEET exam.

No Minimum Study Hours for NEET

During NEET preparation, you have to study consistently, whether that is learning concepts or solving problems. But your study hours can be flexible depending on your strength and weakness for the subject.

When your mind says it’s enough to study a subject for the day, it’s okay to move on to another subject. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily work and assignments. Tips to Manage all 3 Subjects for NEET

NEET Study Hours – FAQs

How many hours to study for NEET in class 11?

A minimum of 6 hours of study should be enough for NEET preparation in class 11.  At the start of NEET preparation, don’t make an unrealistic study routine that you may not be able to follow. Study regularly and consistently.

How many hours should a NEET aspirant study in class 12?

An aspirant starting NEET preparation in class 12 should start with 7-8 hours of study and then gradually increase the study hours to 10-12 hours with time. Study for long hours when you don’t have classes and on holidays.

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