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What is IIT JEE Foundation?

IIT JEE foundation is a starting point (building block) for JEE aspirants in class 8, 9 and 10. Sometimes also called as "IIT JEE Launching Programs", the foundation course helps aspirants become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying IIT JEE concepts and topics, ideally from class 11 onwards. The objective of the IIT JEE foundation course is to teach students basic concepts well, efficient time management habits, following a disciplined schedule, improving thinking skills, etc.

The key is, if you don't understand any topic, don't leave it. Get your doubts cleared from your teachers; do not keep them pending and piling up. Learning to be inquisitive and visualising concepts is often called "IIT Foundation".

What are the benefits of the IIT JEE Foundation Course?

Advantages of IIT JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) Foundation Course

  • A foundation course is helpful. The study method and approach will help you in building a strong base for IIT JEE preparation.
  • When you start preparing early for JEE, like in class 8, 9 or 10, you will always be ahead of your competition, who are planning to prepare for JEE and not executing it. You will be taught about some very basic concepts of important JEE topics which will help you to understand everything in a better way in class 11 and 12.
  • You will learn the value of self-realisation. When you are aware of your objective and goals, early in life, and start working to achieve it, half the battle is won.
  • The teachers will give you the right direction, guidance & support which helps in developing required skills quite early. Foundation courses (generally from class 8–10) help in the development of your IQ, Logical and Analytical Thinking. The aspirants who join them, their basic concepts would be pretty strong.
  • You will also get prepared for JSTSE, NTSE and various Olympiads through the foundation course.

When to join a foundation course for IIT JEE?

We recommend early, but not before class 8. It's fine to join in class 8, 9 or 10. From class 11, you will be taught as per JEE syllabus, so a strong foundation in previous classes will help you immensely in understanding concepts, study methods and problem solving strategies.

The foundation course module will cover the entire topics of Maths and Science, class 10, 9 or 8, whenever you start, which helps students to score good marks in school boards and lays a strong foundation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced by providing basic and some advanced level of questions and concepts, so that they will not face any problem in their preparations in class 11 and 12.

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Best IIT JEE Foundation Books

"Which is the best IIT foundation book?" This is the question asked by many students (who are in grade 8, 9 and 10) and their parents.

Here is the list of best IIT foundation books:

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IIT JEE Foundation Study Material

You don't need to buy any specific book for IIT JEE if you join a foundation course. The IIT JEE foundation study material provided by your coaching will be more than enough. The study material covers all the basic concepts, topics and questions required for JEE.

IIT JEE Foundation - Frequently Asked Questions

How to make my base strong for JEE?

You can make your base strong for JEE by learning basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics till class 10. A foundation course helps in making your base strong for JEE.

Is foundation course necessary for JEE?

Foundation course is not compulsory for JEE but recommended to learn/ strengthen basic concepts and practice early in class 8, 9, 10 which gives students an advantage in class 11 and 12.

Which institute is best for the IIT JEE foundation?

Mystudycart is one of top online institutes for IIT JEE foundation recommended by IITians. Students can take live online classes at home from the best faculty and experts.

IIT JEE Foundation Course in Online Mode

A team of experienced and qualified teachers (including IITians) will teach you online using computer/ laptop and internet connection. It’s like a normal classroom where you will be able to interact with the teacher and can ask your doubts. We are able to transform a traditional classroom into a digital medium and provide an IIT JEE foundation course at a student’s home only.

Attractive scholarships, continuous online help from subject and exam experts, customized sessions are some of the key advantages of our IIT JEE Online Coaching. Personal attention and monitoring are the hallmarks of our online sessions. We are having not more than 20 students in a batch, which allows our teachers to carefully monitor the progress of each student.

IIT JEE Foundation courses from experienced and highly qualified teachers, right from your home. Book a Free Online Demo Class now.

For queries related to our online foundation courses and scholarship, you may contact us on +91-888-2124-333.

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