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JEE preparation from class 10

A successful IIT JEE preparation requires time, proper guidance and hard work with consistency. If you start JEE preparation in class 10, you have 3 years in hand to prepare well for JEE Main and Advanced. In this post, we will see how to start IIT JEE preparation from class 10 and the best coaching to join for JEE aspirants in class 10. But first, let’s answer the below question.

Can I Start Preparing for JEE from Class 10?

Yes, you can easily start preparing for JEE from class 10 by strengthening your foundation of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Start developing problem solving skills, speed, accuracy and how to manage time. You will have 3 years to crack the JEE exam with a top rank. Join Mystudycart JEE foundation program in class 10 and begin your JEE  preparation journey under the guidance of esteemed faculty.

How to Start IIT JEE Preparation from Class 10?

Follow these tips to start preparing for JEE in class 10 :

  1. Make a study routine or timetable for JEE, so that your day doesn’t get wasted on thinking what to study and when to study.
  2. Give sufficient time to Math, Physics, Chemistry, all three subjects.
  3. Build the habit of studying for long hours with appropriate breaks.
  4. Know the basics of the subjects rather than cramming stuff.
  5. Understand concepts properly and solve problems consistently.
  6. Be aware of the basic concepts before knowing the complex ones. New concepts delivered in a way that builds upon existing topics/concepts is easier to make sense of and retain.
  7. Learn to enjoy the art of problem solving.
  8. Work on your calculations in terms of accuracy and speed. Be accurate as well as fast. This needs practice.
  9. Improve your analytical skills. Try to solve the same problem with different methods.
  10. Take a JEE foundation course in class 10. It will help in creating a strong base for JEE along with boards.

Benefits of Starting JEE Preparation in Class 10

  • You will be way ahead of other students if you start JEE preparation in class 10.
  • You can improve the concepts of PCM, up to class 10.
  • You will understand the value of teachers and study material for JEE.
  • You will be able to know your productive hours, following a study schedule, ability to manage time between studies and other tasks.
  • You will perform well in class 10 board exams as your concepts, logic and understanding of topics will be strong.

IIT JEE Coaching for Class 10

The JEE coaching in class 10 will provide the right foundation for clearing IIT JEE. You will study under the guidance of teachers who will clear all your doubts on the way. Mystudycart provides the best JEE online coaching for class 10 with an academic pool of some of the top online faculty and experts in India.

3 Years IIT JEE Preparation for Class 10

The features and benefits of starting JEE preparation in class 10 from Mystudycart.

  • Experienced and qualified faculty teaching online. In Mystudycart online coaching, only the mode of the learning has changed, rest of the things like quality of teaching, study resources, batch calendar, test papers, etc. all are the same like traditional coaching classes. In some cases, where experienced JEE teachers are teaching in online mode to aspirants, online classes provide even better quality than local coaching institutes.
  • Saves time and money both. In traditional coaching, students go to a coaching institute, which involves travelling time. Mystudycart online coaching saves this time and delivers quality teaching at the comfort of your home. You just require a computer or laptop with internet connection.
  • Convenient Class Timings. The Mystudycart online classes take place in the evening time. Students already finished with their school work, gives enough time for rest and allows them to be mentally prepared for the class.
  • No chance of missing a lecture. In physical coaching classes, either due to health issues or any other reason, you may miss a class some day. But in Mystudycart online coaching, the classes are recorded for future reference, so if you are absent in any class, you can watch the same class later at any time.
  • Small batches, easy doubt resolution. In a batch of 150-200 students (in a large coaching institute), teachers are unable to focus on an individual student. One-to-one interaction is rarely possible. Due to this, students most often miss out on clearing doubts. Whereas in our JEE online coaching, the batches are short which allows a student to ask the doubts more easily and freely.
  • No need to shift to Kota or any other location. Shifting to some other place is not convenient for students. Not just in study and preparation, but also adjusting to the place, food, peers, etc. In a city like Kota, there is always a fear of additional pressure which often leads to depression among the students. With our JEE online coaching, students can study from experienced and qualified teachers at their home only.
  • Hard copy study material that includes Study Modules, Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) and Question Bank, will be delivered to the student’s address immediately after the enrollment. It will also cover your class 10th boards syllabus and you’ll be able to learn topics and concepts in more depth.
  • Personal attention and performance analysis are the hallmarks of Mystudycart online coaching. We are having not more than 20 students in a batch that allows our teachers to carefully monitor the progress of each student.

What Should We Study for JEE in Class 10?

In class 10, clear your basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, to make a good base for JEE preparation in class 11. Focus on understanding concepts and applying them to problems. Develop logical and analytical thinking for understanding JEE topics and solving questions.

If you enroll in Mystudycart foundation course for JEE in class 10, then you don’t have to worry too much about the preparation, just follow the classes and keep doing homework/ assignments on time. The teachers will give you the right direction and support for JEE preparation in class 10.

Check out a free online demo class to understand our platform and teaching quality.


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