How to Visualize Questions in IIT-JEE Preparation?

By | Posted on December 15th, 2018

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Question asked by a JEE aspirant – “How do I visualize questions in my JEE preparation? I tried, but I am not able to get an idea or visualize the problems.”

Actually it’s the problem with many students. And the strange thing is when we ask somebody how to get command over Physics, many people say regarding hard work, smart work game, and also suggest you to start visualising your problems. That way you can solve it easily and you will get good command over subject.

Okay! now, how to start visualising is a big issue, because they tell you in a vague manner but then how you start visualising it practically?

How to Visualize Questions in IIT-JEE Preparation?

See it’s not a one day process, neither there is a short trick. But my suggestion on that is :-

  1. First of all write down the given information.
  2. Draw a diagram of situation in copy.
  3. Write the thing you have to find.

Now you are almost there you just need to analyse the situation.

Visualising doesn’t mean you think in your mind. It’s basically the ability to draw the situation in a paper. So try doing it with small small problem and this way you can achieve it.

Hope I didn’t drive you crazy and you clearly got the point.

All the best.

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