How to Tackle Physics Conceptual Questions in IIT JEE?

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Physics in JEE mostly consists of numerical questions but some conceptual problems do slip in and can prove to be instrumental in rank prediction. You don’t come across such problems frequently in your preparation phase. The biggest mistake you can make is to randomly tick answers by just trusting your intuition. They are as logical as their numerical counterparts and just need a little less of calculations.

1. What I would suggest is to develop a feel for conceptual questions.

Visualize the most general system for the situation. For example, if the system talks of collision related systems, think of two unequal masses with unequal velocities (if not stated otherwise to be the same) and then go for modifications as per the options.

2. Options do play an important role in conceptual questions.

Take your time and analyse each one of them. Go for calculations using random variables if needed, like, in the problems involving boat with a person and stones, with the stones being thrown out and you are asked to find if the water level rises or not. Never hesitate to assume masses and densities and solving instead of intuitively saying yes or no.

3. Conceptual questions are not loose balls.

They require as much rigour as the numerical problems and are equally tough. While preparing, keep your concepts clear before you go for questions. Sometimes problems come with situations where you need to start from the basics and no direct result is applicable. Try to solve such problems as you find them. Never skip them, they are not as abundant.

When JEE advanced is near, some final days can be spent reading notes and going through a concise theory because it won’t take much time but would help you a lot.


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