What Are The Best Ways to Solve Physics Problems in IIT JEE?

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best way solve physics problems iit jee

The variety of approaches required to crack the JEE physics problems is beyond what one can possibly fathom. It often requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. But here is a general approach:

Best Ways to Solve Physics Problems in IIT JEE

  • Prerequisite: You need to be well-versed with the results and the fundamental theories on which the results are based.
  • Understand the phenomenon discussed in the problem:
    • Identify the laws of physics which are at play (for example, questions with blocks submerged in liquid could have Archimedes principle involved).
    • Identify the phenomenon affecting the objects in question. Such phenomenon tends to bring about a change to the system. (So a block immersed in a liquid will experience a buoyant force upwards).
    • Intuitively realize the qualitative effect of the above phenomenon on the objects of concern. (So this block, as a result of buoyant force, will want to accelerate upwards, so a string attached to the block may get taut, or the weight of the block might balance it out).
    • Thus, get an intuitive understanding of what is happening in the scenario discussed in the question. Also, make note of the assumptions involved.
  • Identify the mathematical equations, which can best describe the scenario in the question:
    • Once you have an intuitive idea of the question, translate this idea into equations.
    • So for a block submerged in a liquid, mg + T= Vdg best describes the fact that the block is submerged in a liquid of density d and has a string tension T, pulling it down.
  • Identify the variables and solve for them:
    • Identify the variables needed to solve the question.
    • Make sure that you have sufficient number of equations to solve for them.
    • If a certain parameter is neither given nor can it be determined, it probably doesn’t matter.
  • Recheck if possible: Go back to your solution, review the laws used, the approach taken and the assumptions made. Make sure that no silly mistakes creep in.

Try to understand the purpose behind setting a question. The person who created the question expected that the problem will test a certain concept. Also realize that no question is unsolvable, but some questions take re efforts than others. Be open minded; and every now and then, you will come across a beautiful solution.

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