How to Study Physics for JEE Advanced? Best Way to Master Physics

By | Last updated on February 19th, 2019

study physics jee advanced

Physics is my favourite out of PCM because it is highly conceptual specially the JEE advanced problems. No trick or shortcut is ever going to work for you in JEE advanced.

How to Study Physics for JEE Advanced?

Your prime focus should be to understand the basics of the subject rather than memorizing the formulas. Pay attention to the derivations too because complicated questions can be solved using the basics only.

Try to visualize things specially in class 12th topics electrodynamics, optics and modern physics. They are the scoring areas for you too.

I never solved H.C. Verma but most teachers recommend it so you can start of with it. Then for JEE advanced level problems you can go for Arihant series or Cengage series (I did both of them). [Best Reference Books for JEE]

But the best way to master physics is by solving your institutes material because they provide you with compact package of high quality questions.

Attempt previous year questions in the later stages of your JEE preparation only.

Saurav Tiwary
AIR 1789 – JEE Advanced 2016
CSE at IIT Patna

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