When to Start IIT JEE Coaching? Which JEE Coaching to Join?

By | Last updated on June 30th, 2023

When to join IIT JEE coaching

Most of the students who clear JEE Main and Advanced every year have taken coaching for JEE preparation. Whether it’s a foundation course, two year coaching in class 11, one year coaching, offline or online coaching, 95% of students enrolled in a coaching program.

In this post, we will answer some important questions of students and parents about IIT JEE coaching.

When to Join IIT JEE Coaching?

When to start IIT JEE coaching? There are many students who start JEE 2 year coaching in class 11 and clear JEE Main and Advanced. Joining a foundation course in class 8, 9 and 10 is beneficial to students for strengthening the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Math. A student can also crack JEE with 1 year coaching by following a smart study plan.

Experts advice : If a student is in class 8, 9 or 10, and JEE is the target, enroll for a foundation course. Monitor the student’s progress in the starting year, and then decide whether you want to go ahead or not. It should be a student’s decision whether he/ she wants to continue with it.

Why is IIT JEE Coaching Required?

Everybody is aware of the intense competition and difficulty level of IIT JEE. If you don’t prepare well, you will stay behind, that’s the simple logic behind the need of coaching for JEE preparation.

Can a student clear JEE without coaching?

I am not saying that you can’t clear IIT JEE without coaching, you can definitely do that. But on average, out of 100, If 5 students clear JEE without coaching, 95 of them do it with the help of coaching.

[Don’t show me the official reports of IITs (from last year or before that) where they say that more than 50% of students who cleared JEE didn’t take coaching. That’s a flawed report. Students give wrong information to the institute and there is no verification process. I personally talked with some students and they agreed that they submitted false information, just to avoid any partiality or issue later on.]

This is what Dheeraj Sanghi, Ex-Professor IIT Kanpur, said

Aman Bansal, JEE Advanced 2016 topper, on the importance of coaching,

Coaching is very necessary for JEE as without the right guidance aspirants are mostly clueless about the right preparation strategy. They may not get through the right study materials and mock tests. Even if one opts to solve the test papers himself, getting them checked by mentors and following their feedback is very important.

Which Coaching to Join for IIT JEE Preparation?

Despite a tough student’s life, Kota is still the first place that comes to mind for IIT JEE preparation. Delhi and Hyderabad are also popular choices for students. Most of the coaching institutes have branches in major cities but the quality of faculty is not the same in all.

These days students can join coaching for IIT JEE preparation from online platforms like Mystudycart, which provides JEE online coaching classes from Kota teachers at home. There is no need for a student to shift to another city for JEE coaching.

Which coaching can guarantee a seat in IIT?

Please remember that, whichever IIT JEE coaching you choose, it will not guarantee you a seat in IIT. JEE preparation is a journey for a student that involves a lot of hard work and determination. Coaching just helps in achieving the IIT goal.

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