Tips and Tricks to Remember Complex Things (Examples, Tables) for NEET

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Remember examples, tables for NEET

Question asked by a medical aspirant – “How can I make some simple tricks to remember complex things like example, table, etc. while preparing for the NEET?”

Tips and Tricks to Remember Complex Things for NEET

You can use following tricks and methods to remember complex things for NEET:

  • Mnemonics – Make crazy mnemonics and use words or themes which you are familiar with. If you find you are unable to construct one, try structuring the letters into a word.
  • Use images – Make vivid images of things you want to learn. Associating compounds with a colour can be an area where you can try this out.
  • Rewrite the table – Make an effort to write all the cue words/ questions on one side of a table and then recall and rewrite the answers on the other side.
  • Frame example based questions – Make questions and visualize yourself in the exam trying to solve it, those questions might then get stuck in your head along with answers.
  • Spot a pattern or a trend – Check how examples belonging to one category have a common feature. Find such categories or better make such categories and then remember.
  • Try to ‘print’ the page in your head – This method might take some time spanning over a few days but is quite efficient. Make a list of cue words and then try to recall ‘where’ the answer is in the book (also ‘what’ the answer is!).
  • Keeping a record of how many examples exist for a category – Most often we make mistakes by believing a thing belongs to a category, it’s equally important to know when it’s not. Keeping a number in mind helps. For instance, “there are X number of plants with Y type of inflorescence”.
  • Reciting – I am not particularly a fan of this method but it sure did help me in last minute cramming. Recite things out loud like a parrot.
  • Make your own mini tables from the vast amount of info present – Tables are actually a way of packing facts which seem disconnected. If you sense that tables which have been made in your book are not helping in memorizing, try making a new table according to your convenience. For instance, a table of all s block elements with all the properties can be made into smaller tables dealing with few connected properties (thermal stability, melting point, boiling point).
  • Solve questionsRecalling > Rereading. Questions force you to recall stuff you don’t seem to remember till the moment you read it. Solve exercises and papers which deal with the information you are trying to learn.
  • Consistent rereading – This is the good old way of learning stuff. Read a few things tonight, read a few more the next day and revise the earlier few. Rinse and repeat till you learn that table.

Try these methods or make up a few of your own, as long as it helps in mugging up those wretched tables. There are tons of popular mnemonics and memory aids for NEET. Please do keep this in mind – If it’s stupid but works, it’s not stupid.

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Aditya Chaini

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