How Can One Memorize a Lot of Stuff to Crack NEET?

By | Last updated on December 5th, 2019

Tips to memorize stuff for NEET

It’s really a herculean task to memorize even the class 11th and 12th NCERT text, and for NEET, we need to go beyond the NCERT Books.

How to Memorize a Lot of Stuff to Crack NEET?

See, with regular episodes of vigorous revision, you can manage it, that too very well. The human brain remembers those things which it feels are of frequent need and use.

For example we do not forget facts which we use everyday, the road to our school, playground, phone numbers of our near and dear ones etc. But we tend to forget the floral formula of Solanaceae quite easily. The reason being the infrequent use of the same.

So if you make a habit of having a quick look at it again and again, the brain feels it’s important and retains it. Basically revision is the key here. Understand the concepts, revise the facts. That’s it.

Now, brain remembers things which are presented neatly in an easy to comprehend manner so make flow charts and tables and stick them wherever possible and have a glance at them repeatedly.

Try to make weird mnemonics, yep weird! Brain remembers things associated with weird things better. Yes, but make sure you don’t forget the mnemonic.

Lastly, remember the fact that in MCQ test like NEET, you need to figure out the answer, so knowing the fact completely isn’t necessary to crack the exam. So again, be smart to crack the MCQ with whatever knowledge you have about the topic.

Ultimately, although knowledge matters a lot, fetching those 4 marks is more important at the moment. So just keep your calm and give it a best shot.

Good Luck.

Shriyal Prabhudesai
MBBS from AFMC, Pune

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