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IIT JEE coaching in class 9.

Are you searching for IIT JEE coaching in class 9? If yes, then you have come at the right place. Here you will see the best IIT JEE coaching and resources for class 9 students. But first, let’s look at the very important question.

Should we start IIT JEE coaching in class 9?

Yes, why not? The earlier we start preparing for JEE the better it would be. By starting JEE coaching in class 9, the student have 4 years to completely dedicate to JEE preparation under the guidance of teachers. The student will realise the importance of teachers, study schedule, regular classes, homework and assignments, asking doubts, etc.

Many people will tell you that class 9 is too early to join IIT JEE coaching. They will suggest you to start coaching from class 11. The reason is the unnecessary burden on students at a young age. [That’s why we recommend online foundation courses for JEE where parents can monitor their child’s behaviour at the comfort of home].

We advise you to try it out and then decide. If the student is not able to handle the pressure in coaching, then he/she can discuss the same with the teachers and parents, and they can find a solution. The teachers in coaching have lots of experience in handling students issues, not just academics but mental problems also.

Now let’s see some of the key benefits of joining JEE coaching in class 9.

Benefits of Joining IIT JEE Coaching in Class 9

  • The student will learn to respect and manage time. Attending classes, following a schedule, doing homework on time, all things contribute in building a solid platform for JEE.
  • The students learn the basics of everything. It will help in learning complex JEE concepts in class 11 and 12.
  • Building concentration and focus in studies.
  • The student’s IQ, thinking, aptitude and analytical skills will improve.
  • Learning concepts from teachers and applying them on problems.
  • The practice of solving questions will improve speed, accuracy and time management.
  • Realisation of hard work and achieving success at a young age (performing well in tests).
  • Preparation of NTSE and Olympiads.

IIT JEE Online Coaching for Class 9

You saw the benefit and requirement of JEE coaching in class 9, but what about the real thing, for which you have come here, i.e. IIT JEE coaching for class 9.

One of the options is to join traditional coaching for IIT JEE, which has some drawbacks like :

  • Lots of travelling time between home and coaching.
  • Chances of exhaustion by not getting proper rest after school.
  • No option of repeat lecture if a student missed a class due to health or any other reason.
  • Large number of students in the batch results in teacher not able to focus on an individual student.
  • Student not able to clear all the doubts.

The better alternative these days is to join an online foundation coaching for JEE in class 9 where the student can attend online classes from experienced and qualified teachers at home only. This is possible with digital classrooms. You just require a computer/laptop and a good internet speed for high quality live 2-way interactive online classes.

Here are some advantages of online JEE coaching in class 9 :

  • Classes takes place at home which saves travelling time that can be used for studies or to relax.
  • Convenient class timings, mostly between 8 pm – 10 pm. Students already finished with their school work, gives enough time for rest and allow them to be mentally prepared for the class.
  • Recording of the live class will be available for download to watch it again at any time.
  • A maximum of 20 students in a batch which allows clearing of all the doubts. A student can ask the doubts more easily and freely in online class.
  • Small batch size allows teachers to carefully monitor the progress of each student.
  • No need to shift to another place for coaching purpose.

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IIT JEE Coaching Study Material for Class 9

If you take a JEE foundation coaching in class 9, the teachers will teach all the prerequisites for studying as per JEE syllabus. The hard copy study material will be delivered to your home. The coaching study material is prepared in such a way that it will cover both IIT JEE and school preparation.

IIT JEE Preparation Books in Class 9

Although IIT JEE coaching study material is enough to build basics for JEE in class 9, here are some reference books for JEE preparation in class 9.

  • Pearson IIT Foundation Series Maths Class 9 [Buy on Amazon]*
  • Pearson IIT Foundation Series Physics Class 9 [Buy on Amazon]*
  • Pearson IIT Foundation Series Chemistry Class 9 [Buy on Amazon]*
  • S.Chand's IIT Foundation Mathematics Class IX
  • S.Chand's IIT Foundation Science Class IX

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