IIT JEE Preparation in Class 9, Coaching, Foundation Course, Books

IIT JEE preparation class 9.

To succeed in IIT JEE, you need time, good guidance, and consistent hard work. In this guide, we'll discuss how to begin preparing for IIT JEE from class 9, recommend the best coaching for JEE aspirants in class 9, foundation course, books, study material and syllabus. But first, let's address the following question.

Can I Start IIT Preparation from Class 9?

Yes, you can easily start preparing for IIT from class 9 onwards. You will have 4 years to crack the JEE exam with a top rank. Starting IIT JEE preparation early lays a strong foundation for IIT and will help you to understand JEE topics in a better way in later classes. Join a IIT foundation course in class 9 where teachers give you the right direction, guidance & support for JEE preparation.

How to Start Preparing for the IIT from Class 9?

Start IIT JEE preparation in grade 9 by following the below points.

  • Create a study schedule with dedicated time for each subject.
  • Learn basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Math.
  • Emphasize understanding concepts instead of memorizing information.
  • Enjoy problem-solving and make it a habit.
  • Practice MCQs for accurate and speedy calculations.
  • Enhance analytical skills by using different problem-solving methods.
  • Consider taking a JEE foundation course in class 9 for a strong base.

IIT JEE Coaching for Class 9

Mystudycart is one of the reputed online IIT JEE coaching platforms in India. We have four year JEE online classroom programs for class 9 students where they can attend live online classes from experienced and qualified teachers at home only. Reasons to join Mystudycart IIT JEE coaching in class 9 - Live interactive classes, short batches, personalized 1-on-1 sessions, personal attention, hard copy study material, test series, online assessment and regular monitoring.

For our JEE online coaching, we share the complete batch calendar (or 1-on-1 schedule) in advance with students and parents. There is complete transparency about the teachers, the online platform, student performance, fee and scholarship details.

Check out a free online demo class to understand the Mystudycart online coaching platform and teaching quality.

IIT JEE Foundation Course for Class 9

Mystudycart provides the best online IIT JEE foundation programme for class 9 students. We have a small batch size which allows teachers to carefully monitor the progress of each student. A student can ask the doubts more easily and freely in the classes. Live classes will be conducted by top JEE faculty and experts in India. Recording of the live class will be available for download to watch it again at any time.

Mystudycart IIT JEE foundation course details for class 9 :

IIT Foundation Course Class 9 Details
Live Classes 280 hours of Live Online Classes
Batch Size A maximum of 20 students in a batch
1-on-1 Sessions Yes (Counseling OTG)
Recordings of Classes Yes (For complete duration of the course)
Hard Copy Study Material Yes (6 Booklets of PCM)
Online Test Series Yes
Course Fee (in INR) 73,000 Tuition Fee (Excluding Study Material and Test Series Charges)
Scholarships Available

IIT JEE Foundation Books for Class 9

Here is the list of IIT JEE foundation books for class 9.

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IIT Foundation Syllabus Class 9

What is the syllabus of IIT from class 9?

There is no predefined IIT syllabus for class 9. Students can join Mystudycart JEE foundation course in class 9 which covers the complete Math, Physics, Chemistry syllabus of class 9 that is required to study IIT JEE topics and concepts later in class 11 and 12. The foundation course will help you to score good marks in school exams and lays a strong foundation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

IIT JEE Study Material for Class 9

If you join an IIT foundation course in class 9, the teachers will teach all the prerequisites for studying as per JEE syllabus. The hard copy study material will be delivered to your home. The coaching study material is prepared in such a way that it will cover both IIT JEE and school preparation.

IIT JEE Foundation Timetable for Class 9

Students enrolled in a JEE foundation in class 9 should follow a timetable to get in the habit of studying as per a routine. Check out the best timetable for IIT JEE preparation.

Benefits of Starting IIT JEE Preparation in Class 9

  • The student will learn to respect and manage time.
  • Attending classes, following a schedule, doing homework on time, all these things matter in the long run.
  • Learning the basics of everything helps in building a solid foundation for JEE.
  • Builds concentration and focus in studies.
  • Enhancement of student’s IQ, thinking, aptitude and analytical skills.
  • The practice of solving MCQs will improve speed, accuracy and time management.
  • Students will realize their true potential in class 9.

IIT JEE Preparation in Class 9 - FAQs

Which is the best book for class 9 for pre-preparation of IIT JEE?

Along with class 9 NCERT textbooks of Physics, Chemistry and Math, you can refer to Pearson or Disha IIT Foundation Series for pre-preparation of IIT JEE. Alternatively, you can follow Mystudycart study material to learn all the basic concepts, topics and questions required for IIT JEE.

How to crack IIT from class 9?

In order to crack IIT from class 9, you have to strengthen your basic concepts of PCM and learn problem solving skills. It will help you to solve IIT JEE level questions in class 11 and 12.

Which is the best online learning platform to prepare for the JEE from grade 9?

Mystudycart is one of the best online platforms to prepare for the JEE from grade 9. We provide live online classes that not only covers JEE foundation but also prepare students for school board exams, NTSE and Olympiads.

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