How to Start Preparing for NEET in Class 8?

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NEET preparation in class 8

Starting early preparation for NEET, like in 8th class, doesn’t mean you have to study NEET level concepts and topics. NEET preparation in class 8 is about building a foundation, learning time management, discipline, following a routine and understanding basic concepts well. Class 8, 9 and 10 clears your base for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which will help you in class 11 and 12.

How to Start Preparing for NEET in Class 8?

Tips to Start Preparing for NEET in Class 8 :

  1. Start a habit to study every day. With time you will be able to study for long hours without losing focus.
  2. Give up mugging and lay emphasis on learning concepts and applying them on problems.
  3. Practice MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions).
  4. Work on your calculations in terms of accuracy and speed. Be accurate as well as fast.
  5. Improve your analytical skills.
  6. Try to solve the same problem with different methods.
  7. Solve puzzles and riddles.
  8. Build your concentration in studies.

Benefits of Starting NEET Preparation in Class 8

If you are starting NEET preparation in class 8, you have 5 years in hand to prepare for NEET. You will always be a few steps ahead of most of your competition. Build a strong foundation for NEET in class 8, 9, 10, which will help you in the NEET preparation as per the actual syllabus from class 11.

NEET Foundation Books for Class 8

In class 8, start NEET preparation with your school textbooks of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (NCERT preferably). Make sure you study to understand the concepts, not just for getting marks. It’s a practice that every student should adopt from a very young age. NEET Foundation Books

NEET Foundation Course for Class 8

Join a NEET foundation course in class 8, where the teachers will give you the right direction and support that helps in developing key skills quite early in your career. Follow coaching material that helps in clearing your basic concepts and you can practice questions. The material is prepared in such a way that it will cover your school preparation and you’ll be able to learn topics and chapters in more depth.

NEET Coaching for Class 8

Mystudycart provides the best NEET online coaching for class 8 students where they can learn from the top faculty and experts in India. Reasons to join Mystudycart NEET coaching – Live interactive classes, short batches, personalized 1-on-1 sessions, personal attention, hard copy study material, test series, online assessment and regular monitoring.

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