5 Signs You Need A Coaching to Clear IIT-JEE/ NEET

By | Last updated on January 30th, 2020

Need of coaching to clear JEE or NEET.

Can I clear IIT JEE without coaching, with only self-study? Is there someone who cleared NEET without coaching? These are some common queries from JEE and NEET aspirants.

5 Signs You Need A Coaching to Clear IIT-JEE/ NEET

Let’s look into why you need coaching (experienced and qualified teachers) to clear your target exam. If you are facing any of the below issues, then you should seriously think about joining a coaching for JEE or NEET preparation.

1. Your concepts are not clear

To clear NEET or JEE, you need to have strong concepts. From basic to advanced, all concepts are important. They are often related to each other. If you miss/ avoid one, you may face difficulty in understanding the other. The teachers in coaching will explain you everything using examples and illustrations. Additionally, they will resolve your doubts, whenever arises.

2. You are solving problems without any time and method consideration

The JEE or NEET preparation is not just understanding and solving problems correctly. There are factors which are crucial like speed, calculation tricks, problem solving method, elimination technique, accuracy, etc. The teachers in coaching looks into the every aspect of problem solving and will make sure you are following the right steps and methods in solving the problems.

3. You have huge backlog to cover

Some of the aspirants starts skipping topics whenever they find them difficult to understand. If the class 11 topics are not covered well, it will be difficult to understand class 12 topics completely. New concept delivered in a way that builds upon existing topics/ concepts is easier to make sense of and retain.

If you join coaching, there would be special backlog classes to cover all your missed topics and concepts. (can’t say for others, but Mystudycart online courses provide this facility).

4. You are doing hard work with no improvement in tests

You’ve been studying everyday, but your scores in practice tests (DPPs or mock tests) are consistently low. When you’re really putting in the effort, but not seeing the scores you are expecting, then it’s time to pinpoint the problem and get some extra help. Teachers in coaching will help you in identifying your weaker areas and will clear all your doubts.

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5. You keep looking for free study resources online

If you are finding yourself stuck, there is absolutely no shame in asking for advice from people who have achieved a goal that’s similar to yours. The tips and advice from successful aspirants, exam strategy from experts, will definitely help you in the preparation. The problem lies when you starts searching for key study resources like video lectures, e-books or free study material.

There are things which are not substitutable, like interaction with a teacher in the class, homework/ assignments, hard copy study material or books, regular tests and analysis, the guidance and monitoring by teachers. They are worth paying for to clear exams like JEE or NEET.

Join Mystudycart online coaching for JEE and NEET to prepare for your target exam at the comfort of your home.

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