Integrated Coaching Vs Coaching Institutes Vs Online Coaching: Which one is good for IIT JEE and Medical Preparation?

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Which coaching to join

With so many schools and junior colleges all over the India started providing integrated coaching by collaborating with private tutorials for engineering and medical entrance examinations, students are not dependent on traditional coaching institutes only.

At the same time, Online coaching in last few years have become a convenient and affordable option for students and parents who are not able to get the quality coaching due to language and location barriers.

Among all these options, students and parents need to decide which will be the best for them based on their requirements and limitations. So, here, we are going to look at some Pros and Cons of all the types of Coaching – Integrated Coaching, Coaching Institutes, and Online Coaching.

Integrated Coaching

Advantages of Integrated Coaching

  • Saves your traveling time. Classes takes place in school premises only.
  • You don’t need to do much research about which coaching to join if you do what your school says.
  • Integrated coaching is a partnership with your school, you may be charged a combined fee for school + coaching. So, you can get the better package in comparison to joining a separate coaching institute.

Disadvantages of Integrated Coaching

  • The fatigue factor. Coaching classes generally conducted right after the regular school classes, not giving enough time to students to take a break.
  • Forced faculty. When you join any coaching, it’s advisable to take some free demo classes to assess the quality of teaching. Integrated coaching is trusting your school without doing your own research, just like not able to see a trial before buying any product/service.
  • Lack of quality teachers. Integrated coaching providers tie up with so many schools that they are unable to provide best of the faculties to students. Along with it they also have to reserved their good teachers for their separate coaching branches (called as coaching institutes).
  • In some places, Integrated coaching is banned. So, there is a risk factor when joining any integrated coaching program.

Coaching Institutes

Advantages of Coaching Institutes

  • Better and dedicated faculty than integrated coaching.
  • You can take free demo class to judge the quality of teaching. And then it will be your decision to enroll or not. You are not bound to what your school choose for you.
  • You will get better competition among the students from different schools, and may be from different regions also.

Disadvantages of Coaching Institutes

  • Lack of personal attention. In any reputed coaching institute, like in Kota, you can have an average of 100-150 students in a batch. With so many students in a batch, it’s not possible for a teacher to provide personal counselling and keep an eye on each student’s performance.
  • Average teachers if you don’t get the Toppers or Ranker’s batch. In most of the reputed coaching institutes, students are divided into batches where the most intelligent ones get the best teachers, and the above average one’s get mediocre teachers.
  • High fees. Most reputed coaching institutes have high fee, ranging from 2-3 lakhs per year, and if you go to place like Kota, there are additional expenses like rent, food, etc, make it more expensive.

What overcomes the disadvantages of integrated coaching and separate coaching institute?

It’s Online Coaching.

Advantages of Online Coaching

  • No travelling. Saves time and money both. Parents can assess the performance of child at home itself.
  • Quality teachers (IIT qualified and experienced). Many IITians, NITians, Doctors (Medical interns) who can’t join coaching institutes physically are using online platform to prepare students for exams like IIT JEE and AIPMT (NEET).
  • The classes takes place in the evening time, mostly between 8 p.m – 10 p.m (our preferred timings). Students already finished with their School work and other stuff before this.
  • Free demo class to each student in online mode so that they can understand the platform and if they are comfortable then only they should join a course. Any technical issue on student’s side will be taken care in the technical orientation before the class.
  • Personal attention and monitoring are the hallmarks of online coaching. We are having not more than 20 students in a batch that allows our teachers to carefully monitor the progress of each student.
  • With students from every part of the country and outside India (NRIs) also, online coaching allows better global benchmarking and analysis reports.

Attractive Scholarships, Regular counselling, continuous online help from subject and exam experts, Customized sessions are some of the key advantages of Online Coaching.

One disadvantage of online coaching is Technology. Surprised! Yes, with so many benefits that technology provides to us, it also brings faults like system failure, connectivity issue, etc. Even though online coaching providers takes all necessary precautions like technical orientation sessions before the real class, still technical glitches can happen.

Some online coaching like Mystudycart provides recordings of the class to students after the live class, so despite of technical problem, they can still watch the same class any number of times. Recordings are additional assets to students.

So, Which Type of Coaching to Join for IIT JEE or Medical (NEET)?

As I said, earlier in the post, it depends on students and parents requirement. If they can’t join any popular coaching institute physically, they can get the same quality in online mode also.

You saw the benefits and limitations of each type of coaching. Think, explore, and take a decision that suits your needs.

PS (NOTE) : One final thing. Whatever coaching type you choose, it’s advisable to stay away from coaching institutes who have opened their own schools, where attendance is not an issue. They are called dummy schools.

Having a proper schooling is very important for the overall growth of a child. IIT JEE and Medical preparation comes later.


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