IIT JEE and NEET Medical Entrance Coaching in English Medium

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Recently a student asked me a question, Why all coaching institutes (mostly in Kota) for IIT JEE and AIPMT (NEET) teach their students in Hindi?

He was a student from one of the North-East State in India.

It was not just a question but a concern. India is a multilingual country where people in North, West, and some Central part, communicates in “Hindi” language. There are regional languages but when it comes to training and exam preparation, they are most comfortable to learn in Hindi medium.

In North-East and South India, a very tiny percentage of people understand Hindi. In schools and coaching institutes there, “English” is the preferred mode of learning. A local coaching institute in Kerala will most likely to teach in English or Malayalam.

Students from South and North East face problems when they relocate to a largely Hindi speaking location like Kota or Delhi. Since majority of students in these places are Hindi-speaking, coaching institutes teach students in Hindi.

Even though some of the top coaching institutes have English medium batches also (or some makes false promises), it’s not just the same experience when they teach to a Hindi batch. Most of the times it’s a combination of both, we can say it “Hinglish!”, where only terminologies are used in English and majority of the class will be in Hindi.

So, Does it mean students who are not comfortable with Hindi will not get top faculties for JEE and Medical preparation?

No, that’s not correct. I would suggest students to explore more options and not limit it to traditional coaching only. A language should not come as a barrier when it comes to learning and exam preparation.

Are there any Coaching Classes for JEE and NEET where Teachers teach in English?

When I was asked this question (at the start of this post), I had finished a class as an administrator where student was in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Teacher was in Hapur (UP) and I was in Delhi. The class was conducted in “English”.

This shows how powerful this language is when we talk about education surpassing barriers.

At Mystudycart, we conduct classes in English Medium (except in some cases where a student knows Hindi or regional language only, for that one to one classes are preferred).

Mystudycart is an online coaching platform to prepare students for examinations like JEE and Medical entrance exams.

Online Coaching is the Best option for NRI Students

Like South and North-East students, there are many Indian students who are living in other countries with their families. Their first choice of language is English. Online coaching is the best option for them. What’s better than when world class tutors in India are teaching remotely to NRI students at their home!

Abrar Syed, a Class 11 student of Indian School Al Ghubra, Oman, is enrolled with Mystudycart for JEE 2 Year Course.

In this video, Abrar talks about Mystudycart online classes, student understanding, the faculties, study material and online test series.

Do you like to prepare for IIT JEE or NEET from experienced and highly qualified faculties, right from your home? Book a Free Online Demo Class now.


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