10 Important Life Lessons You Can Teach a Kid

By | Last updated on May 5th, 2021

Important life lessons for kids.

This post is not related to any exam preparation. It’s not about learning, but teaching, and that too some important life lessons.

Recently, someone asked me a question – “Is being responsible the most important life lesson you can teach a kid?”

I don’t know whether it was a teacher or a parent who asked this, but, No, that is not the only thing you can teach a kid. 

10 Important Life Lessons You Can Teach a Kid

  1. Teach them that Life is not a competition.
  2. Teach them to Follow their passion.
  3. Teach them to face their failures.
  4. Teach them that Hard work can’t  be replaced by anything.
  5. Teach them that Love is better than ego.
  6. Teach them to be the first one to appreciate someone for their act.
  7. Teach them not to be hypocrites.
  8. Teach them to accept what they are.
  9. Teach them  to Respect fellow human beings.
  10. Teach them to be Ethical in whichever field they are.

Above all, teach them to be a a good human being.

Mind you, these are not that easy to learn, so you can imagine how hard it will be to teach!

Aswathy N Iyer


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