What is the Best Way to Understand a Concept in NEET/ JEE Preparation?

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Understanding concept for NEET JEE

Understanding concepts is one of the most important things required to crack exams like NEET and JEE. In this post, I will tell you the best way to understand a concept or topic in NEET/ JEE preparation.

This is a guest post from Rakshit Tiwari (IIT-Guwahati).

Best Way to Understand a Concept for NEET/ JEE

The best way to understand a concept (or any topic) for NEET or JEE is to Revise it after the class, as soon as possible. Let me explain. Suppose your mother has made Shahi Paneer for dinner.

Looks tasty! Isn’t it? Now tell me when you will want to eat it the most. Ofcourse, when it’s hot and fresh, right?

Now suppose that I provide you this same dish (made at dinner time) in tomorrow’s breakfast or lunch. Will you be able to eat it then? Oh okay leave, tell me, will your want be the same as it was at the dinner time for it?

No, right? Why did this happen? Because you know that when it’s fresh, its taste will give you the most pleasure and it will be soothing to eat it.

The same happens with mind. It works well when it has a picture of something, a fresh picture indeed. When something has been taught in NEET/ JEE coaching class, our mind creates a picture of that. Now this picture is not like what we save in our smartphone. Its quality keeps on degrading with passing time and after some time, it completely fades away.

But here is a catch, if you keep on polishing that part of mind, the picture not only remains there, its quality keeps on getting better as things start becoming clear.

Revise your class notes and set time for revision

It’s very important to go through your class notes each day after the class. Things are fresh then and when you revise that time only, the whole scenario starts becoming clear. It’s also directly related to your understanding of concepts in the class just the next day.

This is the most primary step one can do in JEE/ NEET preparation. After this, depending on the importance/ toughness of the concept and topic, a time should be set for its revision. It can be 2 days , 3 days or max to max 1 week later.

The next time you revise that topic should be the time when you start solving questions on that topic because that somehow makes things more clear and after this much effort, a minimum amount of understanding becomes permanently settled in our brain.

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