JEE Preparation for Beginners – Study Tips, Books, Coaching

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JEE preparation for beginners

For beginners (starting from zero), there are basically two ways of starting JEE preparation – through a foundation course in class 8, 9, 10 or starting JEE preparation in class 11 or 12 as per the syllabus. In this post, we will see JEE preparation tips for beginners including study tips, books and coaching. But first let’s see what is required to prepare for JEE.

JEE Preparation for Beginners – Prerequisites

  • Have a genuine interest in your subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Math. You can’t prepare just for the sake of others. It should be your goal that you want to clear the JEE.
  • Be ready to work hard with consistency and discipline. JEE should be the priority. Rest of the things can wait.
  • Have a positive attitude to deal with tough situations (like low scores in tests). Be intrinsically motivated to achieve your goal.
  • Gratitude to take advice and help from your teachers or coaching. JEE preparation requires proper guidance and monitoring.
  • Don’t think big. It’s a gradual process, step by step, to improve your concepts and skills that will help you to crack the JEE.

Study Tips for JEE Beginners

Follow the below tips to start JEE preparation as a beginner.

  1. Get the study resources required for JEE preparation, be it books or study material.
  2. Make a JEE preparation timetable giving time to all the subjects. Follow it sincerely.
  3. Your timetable should provide flexibility if any subject or topic requires more time than allotted, or when a test is scheduled the next day.
  4. Read theory properly before solving questions.
  5. Break down a large topic into several parts. Learn one by one.
  6. Visualize things. Draw diagrams to understand the concepts well.
  7. Practice MCQs after completing a topic or chapter.
  8. If you join a coaching, attend all your classes.
  9. Make notes from day one of your preparation.
  10. Revise your class notes each day after the class. You will understand concepts better this way.

Books for JEE Beginners

Given below are the links to best books and study material for JEE beginners.

Recommended Books for JEE Beginners

Study Material for JEE Beginners

Is Coaching Required for JEE Beginners?

Yes, coaching helps a lot when you begin your JEE preparation. For school exams, you can manage by self study, but to clear JEE, you need smart strategy and tricks taught by coaching teachers.

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