IISER Aptitude Test Previous Year Papers PDF, IAT Question Paper 2023

While preparing for the IISER entrance exam, it’s very important to solve past year question papers of the IISER aptitude test. Here we are providing you the IISER Aptitude Test (IAT) previous year papers, download in PDF format, benefits of solving IISER past year papers and answering FAQs of students.

IISER Aptitude Test Previous Year Papers

It's recommended to solve IAT full paper tests after you've gone through the complete syllabus and have a clear understanding of every topic in all the chapters. Practice IISER aptitude test previous years papers and online mock tests in a time bound manner, like you are solving the real paper in a 3 hour duration.

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Download IAT Previous Year Papers [PDF]

IAT Question Paper 2023

IAT 2023 question paper difficulty level was moderate, not very easy, not very difficult. Some students found Math and Physics difficult. Biology and Chemistry were comparatively easier.

Download IISER Question Paper 2023 : PDF Link

IISER Question Paper 2022

Download IAT Question Paper 2022 : PDF Link

IISER Question Paper 2021

Download IAT Question Paper 2021 : PDF Link

IISER Question Paper 2019

Download IAT Question Paper 2019 : PDF Link

IISER Question Paper 2018

Download IAT Question Paper 2018 : PDF Link

IISER Question Paper 2017

Download IAT Question Paper 2017 : PDF Link

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Benefits of Solving IISER (IAT) Past Year Papers

  • By solving past year papers of IAT, students can practice the type of questions that are asked in the IISER aptitude test.
  • Candidates can assess their preparation, speed, accuracy and areas to improve by solving previous year IAT papers.
  • Better understanding of the IAT paper pattern and difficulty level of the exam.
  • Candidates will be able to know the important topics from which questions are asked every year.
  • Candidates can prepare an exam strategy like which section to attempt first, how to solve questions, etc.

FAQs on IISER previous year papers

Is solving previous year questions enough to crack IISER entrance exam?

Just solving previous year questions is not enough to crack IISER entrance exam, however the past year papers give a good idea on the type of questions asked in the exam, to prepare accordingly.

Do previous year questions repeat in IISER Aptitude Test?

No, the exact questions don't repeat in the IISER Aptitude Test from previous year papers. The previous year questions type and format with changes in figures can be asked in IISER Aptitude Test.

What type of questions are asked in IAT?

The IAT paper consists of 60 multiple choice questions, 15 each from Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology. The difficulty level of questions in IAT is moderate. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks. 1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.

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