Best Books for CUET 2024 Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

CUET-UG syllabus for subject tests consist of class 12 chapters and topics. Science stream students preparing for CUET should study from class 12 books, NCERT and JEE/ NEET reference books. Here we will see the best books for CUET Math and Science subjects.

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CUET 2024 Books Maths

Best Books for CUET Math Preparation :

S.No. Book Name Author Buy Online on Amazon
1 Math NCERT Textbook Class 12 NCERT Buy Now
2 RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 12 (Set of 2 Vol.) R. D. Sharma Buy Now
3 Senior Secondary School Mathematics for Class 12 by R S Aggarwal R. S. Aggarwal Buy Now
4 CBSE All In One Mathematics Class 12 Arihant Buy Now

CUET Math Study Tips

Tips to study Math for CUET:

  • Mathematics is an art and requires a lot of practice.
  • The more you study and practice Math, the more it develops your brain and increases your problem solving ability.
  • Be careful about calculations and time management in Math.
  • Know every shortcut possible for Math. The concepts and formulas should be at your fingertips.

CUET 2024 Books Physics

Best Books for CUET Physics Preparation :

S.No. Book Name Author Buy Online on Amazon
1 NCERT Physics Textbook Class 12 NCERT Buy Now
2 New Simplified Physics for Class 12 S.L. Arora Buy Now
3 Pradeep's Fundamental Physics for Class 12 K.L. Gomber, K.L. Gogia Buy Now
4 Concept of Physics by H.C Verma Part-II H.C. Verma Buy Now
5 CBSE All In One Physics Class 12 Arihant Buy Now

CUET Physics Study Tips

Tips to study Physics for CUET:

  • Start reading from the NCERT textbook of Physics to learn basics, and then refer to coaching modules or a book like HC Verma.
  • Solve lots of questions. Start from easy questions then go higher up. Absolute clarity in Physics comes from practice.
  • Maintain a separate copy for formulas. Revise from it regularly.
  • Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) and units while solving Physics problems.
  • Strictly avoid calculation mistakes.

CUET 2024 Books Chemistry

Best Books for CUET Chemistry Preparation :

S.No. Book Name Author Buy Online on Amazon
1 NCERT Chemistry Textbook for Class 12 - Part 1 & 2 NCERT Buy Now
2 Modern's ABC+ Chemistry (Part I & II) for Class 12 S.P. Jauhar Buy Now
3 DINESH Publications' New Millennium CHEMISTRY Class 12 Siddharth Singh Buy Now
4 CBSE All In One Chemistry Class 12 Arihant Buy Now

CUET Chemistry Study Tips

Tips to study Chemistry for CUET:

  • Chemistry concepts build on understanding units, conversion, and how atoms and molecules interact.
  • Focus on understanding the fundamental concepts, then it will be easier to memorize other stuff.
  • Understand the concepts and reaction mechanism well in Organic Chemistry.
  • Improve your speed in Physical Chemistry by consistently solving problems.
  • Prepare a list of formulas and reactions from the start.
  • Have a glance at them often so that you can remember them whenever you are solving problems or giving tests.
  • Complete NCERT thoroughly and you’ll get your basic footing in Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Make precise notes for each chapter.

CUET 2024 Books Biology

Best Books for CUET Biology Preparation :

S.No. Book Name Author Buy Online on Amazon
1 NCERT Biology Textbook Class 12 NCERT Buy Now
2 CBSE All In One Biology Class 12 Arihant Buy Now
3 MTG Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS (Class 12 Syllabus) MTG Editorial Board Buy Now

CUET Biology Study Tips

Tips to study Biology for CUET:

  • Read NCERT (school textbook) very very thoroughly.
  • Keep an eagle eye over diagrams, data, tables, examples given in the NCERT textbook.
  • Write down in your notebook important information like vocabulary, terminology, processes, concept summary and explanations. Writing things down helps in understanding better and you can remember the basics for a longer period of time.
  • Make notes from the start and keep revising Biology from time to time.
  • Practice MCQs in Biology. It is equally important to solve MCQs in Biology as it is in Physics and Chemistry.

CUET Books Science - FAQs

What level of Maths is required for CUET?

Class 12 level Math is required for CUET-UG where MCQ based questions are asked in the exam.

What should I study for CUET Physics?

Study all the chapters in CUET Physics syllabus, practice problems and solve mock tests, sample papers to score good marks in CUET Physics.

Is CUET Physics hard?

CUET Physics difficulty level may vary from moderate to tough. If CUET Physics paper is hard, it's for everyone, what matters is relative performance.

Which book is best for CUET Chemistry?

NCERT textbooks class 12 is the best book for CUET Chemistry. Arihant All In One and Modern's ABC+ Chemistry are good reference books for CUET.

Is CUET Chemistry tough?

CUET Chemistry is easy to moderate level. Focus on understanding the concepts to memorize stuff in Chemistry.

Is NCERT enough for CUET Biology?

NCERT is the best book for CUET Biology. Read NCERT thoroughly, all the text, diagrams, data, tables, examples. You can practice MCQs in Biology from Arihant and MTG books.

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