CUET 2025 Preparation for Science Students, Study Plan, Online Coaching

CUET Preparation

This is a preparation guide for science students targeting CUET 2025. Here we will cover CUET preparation strategy, study plan and the best online coaching to crack CUET 2025. CUET-UG examination is conducted for admission in undergraduate courses in the Central/ State/ Deemed/ Private Universities and their affiliated colleges across the country.

CUET 2025 Preparation for Science Students

Table of Contents :

How to Start Preparing for CUET 2025?

Tips to start preparing for CUET 2025 :

  • Print the syllabus of CUET and keep it with you till the exam.
  • Choose the books (class 12 textbook) and material required for CUET preparation.
  • Identify your best study times and make a timetable accordingly.
  • Remove all unnecessary distractions and make a habit of studying every day at the same time.
  • Revise your class 12 syllabus from the start, for the subjects you are applying.
  • Analyse your tests and learn from mistakes.
  • Stay disciplined and consistent.

CUET 2025 Preparation Strategy and Study Plan

  • Prepare and follow a daily study schedule covering all the tests you are taking.
  • Improve your speed and accuracy for scoring good marks in CUET. Accuracy comes from strong theoretical understanding, while speed comes with practicing MCQs.
  • First read the theory part and then practice problems. It’s the way to understand concepts in a better way. If you are not able to solve a problem, read the theory again and again till you get the feel of the topic.
  • Do not leave any topic that you feel unimportant for the exam. Questions in CUET can come from any topic in the syllabus.
  • Write notes along with your studies. You can add important points, shortcuts, formulas, reactions, mistakes, etc. Notes will help you in revision.
  • Never feel depressed if you are unable to solve questions of a specific topic or a subject. Put all your efforts and hard work to understand the theory and again solve the problems.
  • Manage your time well between studies and other tasks. Long continuous study hours can bring exhaustion and too many breaks may result in not being able to complete your work in time.
  • Take proper sleep. Most of the time we get so ambitious that we do not give proper rest to our body. If you are disturbing your sleep cycle then you’ll end up feeling sleepy throughout the day. So no matter what, you need 6–8 hours of sleep to get the best out of yourself.

Best Books for CUET 2025 Math Science

Check out the Best Books for CUET Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

CUET 2025 Syllabus

CUET Syllabus for Math, Science, General, Language Test : CUET-UG Syllabus

How should I prepare for CUET along with the Board Exams?

Tips to prepare for CUET with Board exams :

  • Master both long theoretical answers and fast calculation based problems.
  • Be flexible between solving questions for board exams and CUET. Board exams have a step-wise marking scheme, you need to write in points, flowcharts and diagrams are part of the answers. While in CUET, you just want the answer in the shortest possible time with rough calculations.
  • Make the best use of your school time to study for your school board exams.
  • Understanding concepts from CUET syllabus and solving problems will make it easier for you to solve board exams level problems.
  • Either during board exams or a month before the exams (as per your preparation level), you need to solve sample papers of your board to practice subjective questions and answers.

The syllabus for the subject/ domain tests of CUET is based on Class XII so that there is no pressure on the candidates to prepare for both the exams. The effort that would be required to do well at CUET will also help candidates to prepare well for their Board Examinations.

Can an Average Student Crack CUET 2025?

Yes, an average student can crack CUET 2025 provided he/she is ready to work hard with consistency in the remaining time. For domain specific subjects, study all the topics included in the CUET syllabus (based on class 12 syllabus). With the right kind of guidance and preparation by expert faculty, you can get a good score in CUET, and it doesn’t matter if you are an average or intelligent student.

CUET 2025 Examination - Answering Questions

Can science students do CUET exam?

Yes, science students can give CUET exam for admission to BSc (Bachelor of Science) courses in any of the Central/ State/ Deemed/ Private Universities and the affiliated colleges.

What will be the level of questions in CUET 2025?

The level of questions in CUET is benchmarked at the level of Class XII syllabus. Students having studied Class XII Board syllabus would be able to do well in CUET 2025.

Is CUET exam tough?

CUET difficulty level is moderate and it is a bit higher than the class 12 board level. CUET exam is a complete objective type test consisting of MCQs.

Can science students crack the CUET by attending JEE or NEET coaching?

Yes, JEE/ NEET coaching covers both class 11 and class 12 syllabus, which not only will help in cracking the CUET exam but also boost Boards preparation.

Should I take Coaching for CUET Preparation?

Yes, you should take coaching for CUET preparation. Coaching will provide students a higher rate of success than those who do not attend the coaching. Teachers in coaching will help you a lot in the preparation of CUET. In coaching classes, you can ask your doubts, queries, study methods or anything that is getting you trouble.

Best Online Coaching for CUET 2025

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