How to Crack BITSAT 2019 Online Test in Remaining Months?

By | Posted on February 14th, 2019

crack bitsat remaining months

BITSAT 2019 examination will be conducted between 16th May – 26th May 2019. BITSAT 2019 will be held in online mode only. BITSAT online test follows NCERT class 11th and 12th syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Tips to Crack BITSAT 2019 Online Test in Remaining Months

Here are some study tips to crack BITSAT 2019 in remaining months :

  1. Keep your focus on PCM revision. Solve BITSAT online mock tests regularly.
  2. Join an online test series to get the real exam-hall experience at home. It will provide the exact time spend on each section, time spend on questions which you’ve attempted, not attempted and attempted but with wrong answers.
  3. Speed is an important factor to perform well in BITSAT exam. BITSAT is having 125 questions of PCM. 40 each in Physics & Chemistry, and 45 Maths questions. There are two additional sections also, English and Reasoning. Keep on giving online tests to improve speed.
  4. Maintain the accuracy along with the speed. Don’t make silly mistakes due to hurry in solving questions.
  5. It’s important that you have strong command in English (15 questions will come in BITSAT). You can refer a book like Wren and Martin’s English book to improve or test your English vocabulary.
  6. Solve some Reasoning questions (10 questions will come in BITSAT) from any aptitude book. The questions will not be difficult if your logic is good.

Since BITSAT takes place in online mode, the tips for practicing JEE Main online test will also be helpful for BITSAT.

All the best to BITSAT 2019 aspirants. Hope you crack the exam!

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