BITSAT Important Chapters, BITSAT Chapter-wise Weightage 2024

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BITSAT important chapters

While preparing for BITSAT, the candidates must solve questions from important chapters to get good marks in the BITSAT exam. In this post, we will see the BITSAT important chapters class 11 and 12, with chapter-wise weightage of Math, Physics, Chemistry, English and Logical Reasoning.

BITSAT Important Chapters and Topics

Many students who don’t have enough time to complete the BITSAT syllabus ask for important and scoring chapters for BITSAT which they can study before the exam. For revision purpose also, it’s handy to know the BITSAT important topics.

Candidates can study the BITSAT important chapters from NCERT and coaching modules to give them the best chance to crack the BITSAT.

BITSAT 2024 Important Chapters

Note : The BITSAT 2024 important chapters and weightage given here is based on the previous years papers (mock tests). There is no guarantee that in BITSAT 2024, there will be more questions from these chapters. Examiners can surprise everyone with questions from the chapters they ask less in previous years.

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Important Chapters for BITSAT Math

Most important chapters for BITSAT Math :

  • Coordinate Geometry (Circle, Straight Lines)
  • Vectors
  • Differential Calculus
  • Complex Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Set Theory and Relations, Matrices and Determinants
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability

Important Chapters for BITSAT Physics

Most important chapters for BITSAT Physics :

  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Magnetic Effect of Current
  • SHM (Simple Harmonic Motion)
  • Waves and Optics
  • Current Electricity
  • Electrostatics

Important Chapters for BITSAT Chemistry

Most important chapters for BITSAT Chemistry :

  • Chemical Bonding
  • Biomolecules (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids)
  • Atomic Structure
  • p-block Elements
  • Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes
  • Electrochemistry

Important Topics for BITSAT English

Important topics asked in BITSAT English :

  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Sentence Completion
  • Rearrangement of Jumbled Words
  • One-Word Substitution
  • Tenses, Prepositions

Important Topics for BITSAT Logical Reasoning

Important topics asked in BITSAT Logical Reasoning :

  • Figure Formation and Analysis
  • Figure Matrix
  • Analogy
  • Series Completion
  • Logical Deduction

BITSAT Chapter-wise Weightage 2024

By knowing the chapter-wise weightage of BITSAT 2024, candidates will be able to know the important topics and chapters where they need to focus more for clearing the BITSAT exam.

BITSAT Maths Weightage Chapter-wise

Maths is the most important section in the BITSAT examination. Maximum questions in the BITSAT paper will be from Math. There will be 40 questions of Mathematics in BITSAT.

BITSAT Math Weightage

BITSAT Math – Weightage of Chapters
Topic/ Chapter Weightage
Circles 11%
Straight Lines 7%
Pair of Straight Lines 7%
Vectors 6%
Differential Calculus 6%
Differential Equation 4%
Complex Numbers 4%
Binomial Theorem 4%
Set Theory and Relations 4%
Trigonometric Ratios, Functions and Identities 3%
Properties of Triangles 3%
Probability 3%
Application of Derivatives 3%
Matrices and Determinants 3%

BITSAT Physics Weightage Chapter-wise

There will be 30 questions of Physics in the BITSAT paper.

BITSAT Physics Weightage

BITSAT Physics – Weightage of Chapters
Topic/ Chapter Weightage
Heat and Thermodynamics 10%
Magnetic Effect of Current 10%
Simple Harmonic Motion 5-6%
Wave Motion 5-6%
Current Electricity 5-6%
Wave Optics 5-6%
Electrostatics 5-6%
Rotational Motion 5-6%
Fluids 5-6%
Units, Dimensions and Errors 3-4%
Elasticity 3-4%
Alternating Current 3-4%
Gravitation 3-4%
Work, Power and Energy 3-4%
Ray Topics 3-4%

BITSAT Chemistry Weightage Chapter-wise

There will be 30 questions of Chemistry in the BITSAT paper.

BITSAT Chemistry Weightage

BITSAT Chemistry – Weightage of Chapters
Topic/ Chapter Weightage
Chemical Bonding 10%
Biomolecules 6%
Carboxylic Acid and Its Derivatives 6%
Atomic Structure 6%
p-block Elements 6%
Mole Concepts 6%
Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes 5%
Electrochemistry 5%
Chemical Thermodynamics 5%
Solid State 4%
Chemical Equilibrium 4%
General Organic Chemistry 4%
s-block Elements 4%
Ionic Equilibrium 3%
Chemical Kinetics 3%

BITSAT Logical Reasoning Weightage

There will be 20 questions of Logical Reasoning in the BITSAT paper.

BITSAT Logical Reasoning- Weightage of Chapters
Topic/ Chapter Weightage
Figure Formation and Analysis 40%
Figure Matrix 40%
Analogy 20%
Series Completion 10%
Logical Deduction 10%
Paper Cutting 7%
Rule Detection 5%

BITSAT English Weightage

There will be 10 questions of English in the BITSAT paper.

BITSAT English – Weightage of Chapters
Topic/ Chapter Weightage
Synonyms and Antonyms 30%
Sentence Completion 15%
Rearrangement 15%
One-Word Substitution 15%
Tenses 3%
Prepositions 3%
Modals 3%

Weightage of Class 11 and 12 in BITSAT

According to some experts, class 12 has 60% weightage and class 11 has 40% weightage in BITSAT, but it’s not always the case every year. The examiners can surprise everyone, class 12 to class 11 ratio could be 60:40, 50:50 or 40:60 in the BITSAT exam.

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