BITSAT Study Plan + Online Preparation

BITSAT Study Plan.

BITSAT is an engineering entrance exam for admission in BITS-Pilani (the best private engineering college in India). BITS-Pilani has three campuses in India - Pilani, Hyderabad, Goa and one campus outside India in Dubai. Here we will see how to prepare for BITSAT from scratch, study plan, syllabus, books and online coaching.

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For BITSAT admission process, number of seats, eligibility criteria, application form and exam pattern - BITSAT Exam Details.

Can I Crack BITSAT 2024 If I Start Preparing Now?

Yes, you can crack BITSAT 2024 if you start preparing now. To crack BITSAT, you need to have excellent speed and accuracy which is possible with consistent practice and mock tests. In BITSAT, you have to answer 130 questions in 3 hours as compared to 75 questions in JEE Main.

Best Online Crash Course for BITSAT 2024 : Course Details and Admission Process

BITSAT Preparation After Board Exams

After board exams, you can give your best effort to prepare for BITSAT 2024. Revise theory with MCQs, solve BITSAT online mock tests, work on your weak areas and mistakes.

How to Prepare for BITSAT Exam from Scratch?

When starting from zero, make a study schedule to complete the BITSAT syllabus in the remaining time. If you are starting BITSAT preparation late, then you should focus on important BITSAT chapters, practice online mock tests and solve BITSAT papers from Arihant book.

BITSAT Study Plan 2024

Given below is an effective study plan for BITSAT.

  • Read theory properly from NCERT textbooks.
  • Clear your concepts and then solve a variety of problems.
  • Practice questions from Arihant Book to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Avoid silly mistakes while solving questions in a hurry.
  • Revise all the formulas on a daily basis.
  • Solve BITSAT online mock tests to practice the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Always refer to the solution after giving a test (to find some shortcuts or tricks which you had never thought of while solving the questions).
  • Time management is very important for BITSAT as you have to answer 130 questions in 3 hours.
  • Know when to attempt the question. Start solving the question only if you’re sure you know the answer.
  • Solve Arihant’s book and mock tests for English and Logical Reasoning in BITSAT.

BITSAT Syllabus

Check out the complete syllabus of BITSAT : BITSAT Syllabus

BITSAT Preparation Books

Check out the list of best books for BITSAT preparation : BITSAT Books

BITSAT Preparation - FAQs

How to score good marks in the BITSAT 2024?

A score above 300+ is considered good for BITSAT 2024. You can score 300+ in BITSAT by improving your speed and accuracy. Join a BITSAT online test series (available in BITSAT crash course) and make a proper strategy to attempt the paper.

How to score 350 in BITSAT?

Candidates can score 350+ in BITSAT in the remaining months by practicing online mock tests, learning shortcuts, knowing when to answer questions and attempting 12 extra questions.

What are the most scoring topics in BITSAT?

Most scoring topics in BITSAT are Chemical Bonding, Organic Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Heat, Thermodynamics, SHM, Current Electricity, Complex Numbers, Vectors, Differential calculus, 2D Geometry. BITSAT Important Chapters

What is the difficulty level of BITSAT exam?

The difficulty level of BITSAT is moderate according to previous year papers. Math and Physics are moderate to tough, Chemistry is easy to moderate, English and Reasoning are mostly easier.

When should I start preparing for BITSAT?

BITSAT preparation gets automatically started when you start preparing for JEE whether it’s in class 11 or 12. You can focus more on BITSAT in the last 3 months, after giving the JEE Main exam.

How much time is required to prepare for BITSAT?

BITSAT preparation requires as much time as JEE preparation. It may take you 2 years or 6 months, depending on your potential. The good thing is you don’t need to prepare separately for BITSAT and JEE.

How to prepare for BITSAT from class 11?

Majority of candidates prepare for JEE along with BITSAT in class 11. Make a study timetable and follow it with dedication. Complete all chapters of BITSAT class 11 syllabus to avoid any kind of backlog in class 12.

Which is more important for BITSAT - Class 11 or 12?

Class 11 and 12 is equally important for BITSAT as the syllabus of BITSAT is a combination of both class 11 and 12 chapters.

How many hours of study is required for BITSAT?

A minimum of 6-8 hours of study every day is recommended for BITSAT. If you are preparing for JEE, then BITSAT doesn’t require additional study hours. After giving the JEE Main, you can increase your study time for BITSAT.

How many mock tests to give for BITSAT?

If you are preparing for JEE, then 8-10 mock tests should be enough for BITSAT. But if you are preparing for only BITSAT, then solve as many mock tests as possible.

Is cracking BITSAT easier or tougher than NEET?

It’s easier to crack BITSAT as NEET is more competitive and challenging. Both NEET and BITSAT test your speed and accuracy, however, you need to memorize more stuff for NEET especially in Biology.

How to prepare for BITSAT English and Logical reasoning?

Start doing questions of English and Logical Reasoning from Arihant’s BITSAT book. It will help you build your confidence as you will solve the type of questions that will be asked in the BITSAT exam.

Is BITSAT English easy?

BITSAT tests your basics in English which is the summation of things which you have learned in your school like grammar, vocabulary, ability to read fast and comprehend, composition, etc. Check out BITSAT English Syllabus.

Is Coaching Required for BITSAT?

BITSAT exam level is similar to JEE Mains, so yes, coaching is very much required to crack BITSAT. A dedicated crash course for BITSAT in the remaining months is useful for students.

BITSAT Online Coaching

Mystudycart provides the best online coaching for BITSAT. The online classes are live and interactive that allows 2-way communication between the teacher and student. The batches are small (a maximum of 15 students) which allows a student to ask the doubts more easily and freely.

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