Handwritten Notes for NEET Organic Chemistry

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NEET Organic Chemistry Handwritten Notes.

Handwritten Notes for NEET Organic Chemistry

Hey, this is Anushree Patel, a NEET Aspirant just like you. Here I am sharing some pictures of handwritten notes I made for NEET Organic Chemistry.

Handwritten notes for NEET Organic Chemistry : 

neet organic chemistry notes part-1 neet organic chemistry notes part-2 neet organic chemistry notes part-3 neet organic chemistry notes part-4

Is NEET Organic Chemistry Hard?

The difficulty in NEET Organic Chemistry is in figuring out how the reaction will proceed. You need to recognize what type of reaction the particular substrate will give with a particular reagent.

While studying Organic Chemistry for NEET, keep the above point in mind.

Tips to Crack Organic Chemistry for NEET

  1. Read NCERT at least 3 times. NCERT textbook is very important for NEET Organic Chemistry. Every time you will read NCERT, it will surprise you.
  2. Make short notes for NEET Organic Chemistry. Don’t write mechanisms in your short notes, just write down the net reaction and when you revise your short notes just remember the mechanism in the back of your mind.
  3. Read your notes thoroughly. Learn the reactions by heart, but don’t stress on learning the reactions. You need to read it and the mechanisms are important too, so first read and then plot a story in your mind sequentially. Do it every time. It will help you in solving questions that are asked from the mechanisms.
  4. Revise as many times as possible.
  5. Keep practicing questions frequently. Once you start solving questions you will get an idea in what way you have to study Organic Chemistry.

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