How to Read NCERT for NEET Biology, Chemistry, Physics?

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Tips to read NCERT for NEET.

NCERT is the best book for NEET. Many students are not aware of how to read NCERT properly to score well in the NEET exam. Some students neglect NCERT and only study from coaching modules and reference books. Don’t make this mistake!

Here I will tell you the right way to read NCERT for NEET Biology, Chemistry, Physics. I will cover each subject separately and give some specific points common to all.

This is a guest post from Gautam Chellani (AIR 28 and AIR 154 in NEET-UG and AIIMS-UG 2019 respectively). 

How to Read NCERT for NEET Exam?

Here are the tips to read NCERT for NEET preparation.

  • Start from the basics. Thoroughly read your NCERTs. Read it one time then another and then another.
  • Every time you read NCERT, you will find something new which will stimulate your grey cells. This is especially true for Biology.
  • By reading NCERT means all the texts, diagrams, captions, summary, points to ponder, tables.
  • Do all the in-text, solved and exercise questions.
  • Solve questions from NCERT exemplar, both subjective and objective.
  • Read the NCERT lab manual.
  • Look at NEET previous year questions and take a note of questions asked outside NCERT. This would give you a perspective about the type of questions asked in the NEET exam. They are most reliable but not 100% as in entrance exams, surprises are expected.

How to Read NCERT Biology for NEET?

Tips to read NCERT Biology for NEET exam.

  • Don’t ignore your NCERT for Biology. You would have heard many times that NCERT is God. That’s true! When I was an aspirant, I really had a doubt ki kitna extra aayega (how much extra will come)? Bahar ka padhlu (shall I read outside NCERT)? As jo bahar se aayega you don’t know kaha se aayega (you don’t know from where extra will come). But doing NCERT questions correct is the most important thing.
  • Keep revising Biology from time to time.
  • Some chapters require very deep understanding. Give them their due credit.
  • Regularly memorize chapters like Morphology, Anatomy, Biodiversity.
  • Read class notes from your coaching after you read NCERT.
  • Refer coaching modules for extra stuff, but it shouldn’t be your main book.
  • Study from the coaching package and MTG NCERT at Your Fingertips for objective questions.
  • Due to one exam now, more outside questions would be there but NCERT toh master karo pehle (master the NCERT first)!

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How to Read NCERT Chemistry for NEET?

Tips to read NCERT Chemistry for NEET exam.

  • For Chemistry, we have Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. All of them require a separate approach.
  • Inorganic Chemistry strategy majorly same as Biology.
  • In Physical Chemistry, read a chapter from NCERT, class notes, coaching package.
  • Solve questions to see how strong your concept is. I would suggest packages and a book N. Awasthi NEET version.
  • Organic chemistry requires deep understanding and extra reading. Read NCERT carefully first. Understand the mechanism and exceptions. Some are named reactions. Practice them all.
  • Read your class notes and package. Also read extra books especially for GOC (General Organic Chemistry) as GOC forms the backbone for all the upcoming chapters.
  • Practice lots of questions. In extra books you will get NCERT reactions mechanisms. Understand them.
  • Now that the merging of exams (NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER) is there, tougher questions from Organic Chemistry are very much expected.

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How to Read NCERT Physics for NEET?

Tips to read NCERT Physics for NEET exam.

  • For Physics, conceptual clarity is the key. Sirf formula yaad karne se kaam nahi chalega (only remembering formulas will not do). Unki derivations aani chahiye (should know their derivations).
  • There are formulas which need to be remembered as their derivations are too long or not for our level. But don’t try to mug it up.
  • Read Physics NCERT for all the chapters. It will give you a basic sense about the chapter.
  • Read your class notes and package to know basic concepts and formulas.
  • Maintain a formula copy for NEET Physics. Revise them regularly.
  • Solve lots of questions. Start from easy questions then go higher up. Points to ponder in NCERT are very important.
  • See the JEE Main papers for Physics and Chemistry to get an edge.

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NCERT for NEET – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read NCERT books for NEET?

NCERT books are must read for NEET preparation as NEET syllabus is based on the NCERT syllabus of class 11 and 12 (followed by majority of school boards).

Is reading NCERT enough for NEET Biology?

Although reading NCERT is recommended for NEET Biology, you still need to refer to coaching modules for extra stuff which has been asked in NEET exam in the previous years. For solving MCQs, you can also buy a NEET reference book.

Can I crack NEET with NCERT only?

It will be difficult to crack NEET with NCERT only as aspirants have to practice NEET level questions from coaching modules and previous year papers.

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