IISER Aptitude Test Competition Level, Cutoff Marks, Rank, Questions Type

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IISER competition level, questions type.

Hello, this is Arijit Chakraborty from IISER Kolkata. I cleared the IISER entrance exam in 2019. In this post, I will be giving you the facts and statistics of the IISER aptitude test and let you decide on your own the difficulty level of the IAT exam. So, let’s start.

IISER Aptitude Test Competition Level

Total number of applications received for the IISER 2019 aptitude test was 47 thousand. It increases exponentially every year. So the competition in IISER aptitude test is bound to increase every year.

Out of total seats in IISER, 720 seats were allotted for the IISER SCB channel. Though ultimately a total of 1100 students were accepted via SCB channel in 2019.

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IISER Aptitude Test Cutoff Marks Scenario

Cutoff marks for IISER aptitude test 2019 first round were near 97 marks (actual cutoffs and ranks were not realized. So it may be +/- 1). Second round cutoff dropped to 88–92 (a rough estimate).

Here I am posting some data of IISER Aptitude Test 2019.

IISER aptitude test cut-off marks.

Note: I got Kolkata (1st preference) in the first float with 102 marks.

IISER cut-off depends on the following factors :

  • Number of candidates present in IISER Aptitude Test.
  • The difficulty level of the test.
  • Number of seats available.
  • Number of applicants.

So now comes the question level of the IISER entrance exam.

IISER Aptitude Test Subject-wise Questions Type


Questions in IISER Aptitude Test Physics sections are conceptual and mostly easy with some tricky questions. The paper would try to make you mark the wrong answer with tricky concepts. So be alert while answering the questions.


Chemistry in IAT used to be very conceptual but the question paper of IISER 2019 had some factual questions from the Inorganic Chemistry part.


It is where the paper takes an ugly turn. The Math questions in IAT are conceptual but a lot tougher and a tad higher than JEE Main level.


I was not a Biology student. So I would not be able to do justice to the level of the IAT Biology paper.

My Marks in IISER Aptitude Test :

Physics – 35.

Chemistry – 35.

Math – 20.

Biology – 12.

If you have Biology then you have much scope of improvement. You might increase your marks by 10 which would make your total score to 112 (If you can perform similarly in other subjects).

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IISER Aptitude Test – FAQs

What rank is required in IISER aptitude test for admission?

The closing rank for IISER Admissions 2022 through IAT channel was 2774 for general category students after round 7. Candidates should aim to achieve under 2500 rank in IISER Aptitude Test.

What is the cut off rank for IISER through JEE and IAT?

The general category cut-off rank for IISER admissions 2022 was 14791 for JEE Advanced and 2774 for IAT channel after the final round of counseling.

What is the cutoff for IISER Aptitude Test?

The cutoff for IISER aptitude test 2022 was 2774 after Round 7 of IAT channel.

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